Love's essence

Highly moved by the story of an old movie star today.

  1. He was a literary soldier when he was about 14, he said, some battle companions went lively, back with a white calico on their body, the time background let you know that you should act good to face to those dead friends.
  2. he and his wife married when they were 20s, his wife died last year at their 70s, their certificate of marriage never broken(Trauschein, certificat de mariage,婚姻证明书,结婚证书) His wife first lost her sight for 5 years, later became a Melancholic for more than 40 years. He said he never thought the divorce, even though that time he was a hot movie star.
  3. He did the house work for his wife, including washing, cooking, raising two children, even he was a chairman of the movie factory, busy on business too.
  4. He said his is not willing and it's very difficult to send his wife to the hospital, every time he cried out after that.
  5. He is very polite, gentle.

p.s. the song moved me to tears when I heard it in west life:

Brothers in Arms

These mist covered mountains
Are a home now for me
But my home is the lowlands
And always will be
Some day you'll return to
Your valleys and your farms
And you'll no longer burn
To be brothers in arm

Through these fields of destruction
Baptism of fire
I've watched all your suffering
As the battles raged higher
And though they did hurt me so bad
In the fear and alarm
You did not desert me
My brothers in arms

There's so many different worlds
So many different suns
And we have just one world
But we live in different ones

Now the sun's gone to hell
And the moon's riding high
Let me bid you farewell
Every man has to die
But it's written in the starlight
And every line on your palm
We're fools to make war
On our brothers in arms

Mozart's workload

The Holland writer Hendrik Willem van Loon say in his book The story the art that he thought Mozart's death is caused by his working hard.
His workload is so heavy, that is equivalent to
make dozens of people work hard to death in five or six years
Mozart is really a genius. He can create in such a hurry time, it's in such a hurry that he said some notes dropped down off the table but the products are still so great.

Hendrik Willem van Loon (1882-1944)'s book list:
  1. The Fall of the Dutch Republic, 1913,
  2. The Rise of the Dutch Kingdom, 1915.
  3. The Short History of Discovery, 1917,
  4. Ancient Man, 1920
  5. The Story of Mankind, 1921, ( Awarded by The annual Newbery Medal in 1922, which had been created by Unitarian bookseller and editor Frederic Melcher to honor outstanding American children's books.)

Go payperpost, get paid of things you loved

Anne have make more than $2,000 as the top blogger this month of payperpost, it's almost the salary of normal hard working employees of high tech companies here.

When I started blogging in English, I saw a lot of colorful, lovely, charming stuff on the side bar from other bloggers, I picked up many of them, including best stuff, mybloglog, blogcatalog, Payperpost.

Payperpost is a site to let you get paid by posting. First you'll need an English blog site, then you'll need have this site running 3 months. So after I submited it, payperpost replied, that I'm not authorized to write post for payperpost yet, less than 1 month, but can start from PPP DIRECT, which is a way for bloggers to monetize their blog outside of the PaPerPost Marketplace. By installing the PPP Direct Code and placing the PPP Direct Badge on the site, a blogger is able to negotiate directly with advertisers on price and scope.

Back to my blogging experience, after several week's blogging, I found my English blog was a bit run-down. I ever started a series about my favourite band to keep blogging, also went to the discussion forum to find topics to blog. (Regarding why I blog in English and want to keep blogging, please refer to my previous postings.)

So when I almost forgot payperpost, finally I went to it again, browsing the opportunity list, I find a good topic about garage and submit a posting for it.

Very quickly it was accepted. In the later postings I was rejected several times, the correct link not included, words count is not enough, etc. All is very simply and easy. here are my sponsored postings so far (I tagged all of them with 'sponsored').

Interesting, to write the sponsored posting for blog reviews, I started from a reviewer's viewpoint to look at the stuff I'll write, and pay attention to the data provided,and payperpost will review your posting, keep the quality of that. I felt like I'm writing paper according to teacher's topic. This is the difference and the advantage of the sponsored posting. I learnt new things every day online. It has a firefox plugin, after you install it, it will have an option in firefox tool menu "I want to blog about this", by clicking this, payperpost know more about your preferrence. Not like other AD system, you can always select what you want to publish on your blog. it can pay to paypal, when you browse the perfumes on ebay, maybe you can go to payperpost to find whether there's some topic about it, post it, get paid, then go to ebay, get it by paypal.

Payperpost only run less than 2 years, but it has phenomenal growth and continued success in running its user community and AD system. It's connecting Bloggers and Advertisers to deliver compelling online social marketing campaigns, provides social marketing tools and strategies that empower the bloggers to value and exchange content, creativity and influence.

It's the world's largest consumer generated advertising network. I got a message at the begining of this month from payperpost that "Going forward our company will be known as IZEA, with PayPerPost as its flagship product and other properties including Blogger's Choice Awards, RockStartup, Zookoda and BlogInSpace under the IZEA corporate umbrella. "

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All the mother are repectable

this week a piece of news caused hot discussion around, a man refused to agree the Caesarean birth surgery to his sick pregnant (身持ち,임신한, 怀孕的) wife though the doctors perfuit him for 3 hours. finally the woman died with the baby, he agreed when he saw the death, but too late. The possible reason why he did not approve it:
1. can't have more babies.
2. thought she only caught cold, can be cured by medicine,
3. don't have the money ( though the hospital offer free and some patients around even offer 10,000 if he agree, he can't believe)

later the jounlisty researched that they're not legally married. he knew the contact of her relatives -- which can be used for surgery approval -- but he did not provide it to the hospital. I personally doubt this law is unfair to the patients without conscious, maybe this is set to avoid rebuse of the surgery at the begining.

for whatever, it's a tragedy. All the mother are repectable, they take the risk of death when they accept pregnancy.

googlemap is awfully amazing

I devoted the whole day today to the html, javascript, xml, google map api, wordpress plugins, to figure out the way to embed the stuctured data in blog, though played chess in idle time.

since some plugin demo pages said "script busy " while they're open, finally I use the iframe.php independent from wordpress files. so other sites can also use.

and I saw the very clear picture of a place I'm looking for.

I'm wondering whether someday I can check whether we can visit people by googleearth, if it also provide time dimension, called google time. terrible.

there's a Chinese say called "头顶三尺有神明", now it would be nice that be reminded "far, far away, there's google satellites"

Recalled many years ago Motorla (or other companies) failed to run its Iridium satellites, google is admirable.

Chess Nx

Recently when my nephew met me, he always invite me to play chess with him. He takes part in the hobby team in school of that, I can hardly win him now, I want to play long with him, but don't want to study chess manual, so I excerised myself by playing with PC in recent weeks.

started from E2-E4, G8-F6, replayed many times, finally I win Chess Nx today, Chess Nx is a very good chess program, quick, neat and wise, User can only play with the computure in this program. I tried 3 kinds of chess programs, this one is the best.

as a congratulation to myself.


Wheels of the car

a smart saying: when you need a car, don't start from studying how to create the wheels.

There're a lot of genius and companies around, the wheels you need are already there. Just go to dig it out through the infomation sea, then your next step is to get it. The cost will be much lower than you create it by yourself.



Just now I wanna search if there's some criticism by google, before clicking the "g" button, I thought google might not display this kind of content, unexpectedly there is 161,000,000 result of "anti google"

did you find that firefox or google sometimes will hide a service session of google which can identify you, you thought it's closed, browsing news or login your bank account, whatever, a little while later, it came out...

"then it will know when you ate your breakfast, and what breakfast is" --saw some points like this online...

terrible, isn't it? I did not know whether it's designed to do so, and don't want to waste time to research, I'll update this when I find an answer.

if true, do we have other choice?

from searching the phone number of a service provider, price or place of the thing you wan to buy or travel, to an interpretation of a term, the news of the star you favored, all need google now, sad, local search engine can only search local content..

early today, read a piece of news that While Singapore vote in the negative to the proposal of reprieving death sentence in U.N. conference, it said "Every Singapore Citizen has the rights of living in an safe and free of crime threaten envireonment"

Doomed or "Impossible is nothing?"

Unlike Pingpang, Chinese football team did not play well in the past years, there're many disappointed stories, several times they lost at the last minute.

So, last night, when the Asian Zone teams for World Cup 2010 were revealed, many football fans were sleepless with sadness: China came to the team with Qatar,Iraq,Australia.

These three seems so strong, champion of the Asian Cup, champion of the Asian Sports, champion of the Austrian Cup, that fans thought Chinese football team comes to the "death team", is doomed to failure now.

On the other hand, just like this team setting, 1/125 possibility came true, "Impossible is nothing", maybe Chinese football team will also give us a big surprise.

Chinese will play with Iraqi at the New Years Eve, our most important festival. will something impossible happen then?

2010 World cup Asian section:
Team A: Australia, China, Iraq, Qatar
Team B: Japan, Bahrain,Oman,Thailand
Team C: South Korea, North Korea, Jordan,Turkmenistan
Team D: Saudi Arabia,Uzbekistan, Lebanon, Singapore
Team E: Iran, Kuwait,United Arab Emirates, Syria

2008.2.6 (Chinese New Year's Eve) Iraq-China

  2008.3.26 China-Australia

  2008.6.7 Qatar-China

  2008.6.14 China-Qatar

  2008.9.6 China-Iraq

  2008.9.10 Australia-China

p.s. this is my 100th posting here. Good luck, Chinese football.


Games played in Chinese childhood - fold and fly the paper plane

A paper plane, paper aeroplane, or paper airplane (Chinese:纸飞机/紙飛機;Deutsch:Papierflieger;Japanese:kamihikōki/紙飛行機) is popular worldwide, since it is one of the easiest types of origami for a novice to master.

How far or how long can you make it fly? I can only make it fly from one side of the room to another side.

The world record for a paper-plane flight is held by Ken Blackburn, a US aerospace engineer. Visit his site which share what he knows about paper airplanes, it looks very engineering, many formulas there, some curve figures also comes up to describe the Pressure distribution. Blackburn's first entry into the Guinness Book of Records was in 1983(16.89 seconds), resetting it in 1987 (17.2 sec), 1994 (18.8 sec) lost the record in 1996 and set the current record of 27.6 seconds on 10/8/98 in the Georgia Dome. Amazing. Blackburn combined his job and life, professionality and hobbie so well.

There're many sites guiding how to fold. See a list of Paper airplane video. Also There's a book available on Amazon, Norman Schmidt’s book, Best Ever Paper Airplanes. There's guide to folds in life and health guardian, with 12 different folding types. Some universites also set the paperplane folding and flying as a undergraduate program of engineering, see Building and flying the Stealth in Norwich university, with the steps very detail and easy to follow (from Norman Schmidt’s book).

Finally, I want to introduce a song "Paper plane" by my favorite star Sandy Lam. View a beautiful mv in youtube.

Paper Plane - Sandy Lam
Composer: Sandy Lam, Eric Ng
Lyricist: Xiaohan
Arrangement: Eric Ng

The prince rided on the white horse
The moon hidden
And the kitty often chased its tail
so stupid
Memories in childhood are so invaluable
Children plays
Two foots is full of sands
The laughter recall me the summer holiday in Childhood
The boy who teach me how to make the paper plane
What's going on with him
the way to make the paper plane
laying in the memories along with our growth
fly, fly, paper plane
not dificult to be happy

#Not matter how will it change in the future
we keep the thinking of
the fairtale which belongs to us#
the way to make the paper plane
happiness will never be forgotten
fly, fly, paper plane,
throw (捨てる) the trouble away, it will be released by itself.
Repeat #

纸飞机 - 林忆莲
作曲:林忆莲 黄韵仁

笑声让我想起童年暑假 那个他


I'm not good at translating Lyricist. just to help understanding it.

emm, quote a long paragraph of Who is Sandy Lam? I'm a fan of her all the time.

In the Chinese pop music scene in Asia, especially to those who used to listening to radio from mid-80s and on in Hong Kong, SANDY LAM is a name equivalent to transformation, perfection, hard working, feminine, and talent.

Her career began as a part-time DJ at Commercial Radio Hong Kong in 1982, in which she got an unique nick name 611 (6+1+1=8, in Cantonese ‘8′ means being talkative and always questioning about gossips and other topics). Sandy joined SONY in 1983 and her debut in her Chinese name Lam Yik Lin was released in 1984. She rapidly became the most popular up-and-raising star. Yik Lin, her third album released in 1987, reached double platinum and that when her music career truly kicked off.

With heavy influences from Western music, Sandy’s music style started from cheesy Japanese teen pop to Light Jazz; and from there to R&B, Soul, or even Fusion. In fact, she is considered the only Hong Kong female singer with the best ad-libs. She has 27 full studio albums in Cantonese, Mandarin, English and Japanese, and adding other EPs, live recordings, compilations and co-operations, there is more than 80 or more on the list.

Unlike many other singers in Hong Kong, audience recognizes Sandy as a true musician/performer, rather then an entertainer. You don’t find shocking make-up or extreme outfits from her; it is her pure voice which captured everyone’s heart. She rather spends her time work producing an album instead of attending meaningless shows. Her fans admire her as who she is and the willingness to improve herself vocally, and such improvement is well-known in the industry like a miracle. In recent years, she is transforming herself, not only a singer, but singer songwriter. To put it in a simple way, Sandy is serious about music, it is her life.

2005 marks the 20th Anniversary of her music career. Being able to survive this long in Hong Kong entertainment scene is not an easy task, because of the high competition and people are being so forgetful. Looking back, it shouldn’t be a surprise after all, Sandy is the very first singer to blend in Jazz & R&B elements into Chinese music; she is one of the pioneers who marches into the Japanese music scene and the first singer to have two Chinese songs entering the Japan J-Wave Tokio Hot 100 music chart.

Moreover, she was the most successful Hong Kong singer to make it big in Taiwan by her first Mandarin release selling a record of 600,000 copies; she also participated in Asia’s first 47 days sold out Chinese musical Snow Wolf Lake; she was hand picked by Andrew Lloyd Webber to perform in The Music Of Andrew Lloyd Webber with Elaine Paige in Shanghai in 2001, and she was also picked to sing the Chinese version of Les Miserables’s theme song On My Own. A new kind of flower in Singapore is named after her name called Dendrobium Sandy.

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Games played in Chinese childhood - rolling the iron hoop
Games played in Chinese childhood - Blowing Soap Bubble
Games played in Chinese childhood - Playing with mud

Games played in Chinese childhood - Playing with mud

I'm not an artist when I was very little, so all I can remember about mud game is that, kneading it, when it became soft and uneasy to broken, made it like a bowl, then threw it upside down to the ground, there's a sound it will gave out, oh my, I really can't remember what kind of sound now, too simple? Ah, sometimes it's even diffult to make out the sound.

Well, One of my friend is an artist then, she can create dolls from the mud, and painted with oil color, then move it to the oven to make it hard, then brushed with the varnish, so finally the mud became the art product. Games also has it's background.

In this picture, little guys are making tank and pistols, and emulating military scene from the movie, there're a lot of war movies in old that time. Nowadays little boys will not able to create such model then.

And I found there're several songs about mud playing, one of them is a very fresh one, released in July 2007, in Mandarin. Try to translate it here:
Song: Little (Xiao Xiao)
Singer: Joey Yung
Lyricist: Fang Wenshan
Composer: Jay Chow
Arrangement: Michael Lin

#The memory is like, a people who talking stories (讲谈を语る)
using voice full of local accent
jump over the puddle, bypass the village
waiting for the luck meeting again

You pinch a castle by mud
say you'll marry me to your home in the future
How many times I turn around, passing by your door, youth wasted

little sware, not stable yet
little tears, is keeping in eyes
Little lips, is telling department

*A person lived in my heart from then on
Little us
That year you carring the little wooden stool
To watch the show, I follow you

I'm looking for the one in the story,
you're the part could not be absent
You took a snap under the tree
I waited there softheaded

Repeat #

little touching, rain running
little awkward, love dearly
little us, don't know how to kiss yet

Repeat *

A person lived in my heart from then on
Little us
Like emulating the drama, talk love and recite the scenario
You can't pronouce correctly because of agomphosis

I'm looking for the one in the story,
You're the part could not be absent
The little friends pull the little hands
Keeping the little for ever
歌曲: 小小

转多少身 过几次门 虚掷青春#









(this table can't align well as preview, last try)

I'm not a fan of this Joey, and because of sound card problem, so I haven't listened this song yet, but I trust Jay chow, he would not produce ugly songs:) Here is the mv in youtube (I don't know how to put it here), mud is replaced with payper plane and sewing in it:) does the director think mud is dirty, not romantic?

Some introduction of this song.
In recent years, Joey Yung has been one of the very few Hong Kong singers to successfully break into the Mandarin market, and it's no wonder considering how hard she works. The singer just returned from dance lessons in the States, and she is already preparing for her upcoming concert with Grasshoppers. Her TVB police drama One the First Beat is also currently airing in Hong Kong. Topping everything off is her new Mandarin album Little, which comes a year after 2006's Jump Up 9492

Title track Little (Track 2) is composed by Jay Chou, with lyrics and arrangement from his regular collaborators Vincent Fang and Michael Lin. Musical sparks fly as the two Chinese pop heavyweights work together for the first time, and the song quietly enchants with its gentle folk-inspired ballad and wistfully romantic lyrics. This 10-track album also features two songs from renowned Mainland producer and composer Zhang Yadong and the Chinese theme (Track 10) for Korean drama Hwang Jin Yi.

This edition comes with a DVD containing three music videos.

There's more about this song at Joey Yung 容祖儿 - “Little” 小小


Paper-cut - folks traditional art

When tourists visit China, they often bought some art crafts as gifts back. I'd like to introduce some web site about traditional art product here.

The paper-cut is one of the folks traditional decorative art which China popularizes the most. Probably because its so easy that, cost cheap, result stand and see, meet surface wide and welcome generally material; Because it suit rural produce leisure by woman, it acts as practibility can beautify life also most. They can be put up on the wall, or on the window (named as window flower).

Most of the paper are red papers, red are the greeting color in China, so originally it's created for festivals, celebrations.

They can be simple, also can be very elegant and beautiful. It describes scenes or stories from book, also describes the living pages around.

For more, please go to The paper-cut site. Scroll down, you can see some art products are being sold there.
The page language is mainly in Chinese, but there's a button at the right of it's navigation bar which can translate it into English through third party site, as always you can use google's translation site to read it in English.

What's we live for

Milton wrote some touching conversations between he and his son at reflection time. His son came to the hospital in last 12 months, but they still keep smiling.

One of my previous boss is good at talking, he also said some smart words in short terms. One of them is very impressive, when people asked why he still ate food with grease after his
gall-bladder was removed, supposed he would stay away from them, he said: I liked such kind of food, that's we live for.


The influence of House price

recently some employees from electric industry of Shenzhen, China are discussing the influence of House price.

Many factories, companies have to move away from Shenzhen, one is because of the price of the company building is high, another is because of the house price is too high for their employees to afford, thus, the industry structure of the city has to be changed by the house price.

Hotels,Flights,Cars reservation

Working hard all along the year, now it's near the end of the year, to take a vacation and travel around is a good idea to have a relax.

One of my friends are very good at planning, even more proffessional than business travel company, so when she organized a group travel, everything was very simple and easy, all I need do is to bring my passport and money she budgeted.

Last time a friend in New york invited me to have a travel there, I got headache on the visa preparing and fight/hotel/car booking, they said, if you don't have a car, you can't travel freely, then a lot of things need me care: look up the infomation and made the decision, finally I did not go.

So now when I see this AD

I'd like to review the Hotel Reservations to get know what convenience it can bring me.

It's available now in following 15 countries,
United States
Great Britain

This site can be read in English and Espanol, some other sites can read in Chinese., but it's OK for me.

Travellers can Reserve Online, or Call their Hotel Experts via
1.800.447.4136 (USA & Canada)
00.800.1276.3549 (Europe)
(1) 817.333.5105 (Worldwide)

Let's read a short story first, when taking the shuttle bus of the airport, the driver will ask you which airline would you take, so he can put you off at the cooresponding onboard gate, here is a small mistake one may make:

"Which airline?" -driver
"American Online" -you (you want to say "American Airline" in fact)
"Ok. No problem, I'll find you a pay phone so you can travel through the internet." - driver

The online reservation system will not play kidding to you, it can smartly recoganize what you want, provide smiliar options, destination places for your to select, for example, when you type New York, it will say, there're two places match the meaning of New york, could you select?

It provides reservations for 5 kinds of things:Hotels,Flights,Cars,Vacation Rentals,Vacation Packages. Here a vacation rental is defined as any suite-type lodging that has self-catering facilities (wet bar, refrigerator, microwave, etc.). It's good for personal travel. I always glad to buy some fresh seafood in the market and cook by myself:)

I compared the services and prices. Comparing the hotel price of New York to a list from other hotel reservation provider, there's no obvious advantages, the lowest hotel price are very close, since I don't have preferred hotel, so can't compare the exact hotel and room. The most Advantage is that it provides Vacation Packages, like one stop service, you can reserve Hotels,Flights,Cars as a package. When you choose cities, dates, it will provide more than 20 options. following are two examples.

It's really convenient for people like me. Maybe the package price are more valuable, I did not find other site can provide this, so can't compare. Hope this is also useful for you.

This post is sponsored.

Thanks giving

A Shanghai TV program is choosing touching stories and people of the year through public appraisal.
One of the story is very impressive, about a 108 old lady. She came to a family as the nurserymaid when she was 60 years old, 10 yuan every month (the total income of the family is about 100 yuan per month), there're 4 sons in this family, she is a great lady, can cook and sew the clothes by hands, and actually her salary was all used to buy the children toys or snacks, now she has been with the family for about 50 years, all the children respect and love her like their old grandma.
Love gives, love returns.


Spain [f.] We, the cities

Yesterday when I passed by the People square, I saw an poster of "Spain [f.] We, the cities", it said "One hundred women present Spanish cities and contemporary architechture." so I enterred the exhibition hall and had a tour.

Unexpectedly, there's no architechture showing around, all can I see is ladies standing and talking, seems the background is cut off, and language is in Spanish, Spanish is beautiful language to listen:) but I can't understand one word. So, I only spend less 2 hours there. There're several things impressed,
1. Isabel from google is also one of them, standing near the exit, and the wall before the exit, several LCD is showing google earth, all are very small.
2. not only artechture designer, processor presetning their opinion, but also people from other industry, like firewoman,judge, people who lost of eyesight, nurse, a nurse said, the way with no obstacle will reduce a lot of their workload, otherwise they have to go to the patients' home.
3. an old lady who won the 2004 architecture award said, if woman wants to get real freedom, not depends on man or marriage, she needs to be independent on economic.

I took a visit to other exhibitions as well, and took some pictures by mobile phone. Some of them I never came in before, there're a lot of great exhibitions.

following are some exhibition place in Shanghai, most of them are for trade shows.
A site Allshows.org is now collecting infomation of Trade, Cultral, Art shows in Shanghai.

Shanghai Listed Company Expo city
Shanghai International Agricultural Exhibition Cen
Shanghai East Asia Exhibition Hall
Shanghai Multimedia life square Conference & Exhibition Center
Shanghai Everbright Convention & Exhibition Center
Shanghai International Convention Center (SICEC)
Shang World Trade Center
Shanghai International Agricultural Exhibition Centre
INTEX Shanghai
Shanghai Multimedia life square Conference & Exhibition Center
Shanghai Science and Technology Museum
Shanghai Science Hall
Shanghai Art Museum
Shanghai International Agricultural Exhibition Centre
Shanghai Automobile Exhibition Centre (SAEC)
Shanghai Century Park
Shanghai Mart
Shanghai gym Palace
Shanghai New International Expo Centre
Shanghai Exhibition Center (SEC)
Shanghai Nature Museum
Le Royal Meridien Shanghai
Millennium Hongqiao Hotel(Millennium Hotel)
Pudong Shangri-La
Sofitel Hyland Shanghai
The Regent Shanghai


Classical music or pop song

Recently I move my pop song CDs to the store box and only leave the Classical music CDs on the shelf.
Some of them are all Piano, I find this can help one raise peace and easily focus on the things working on.
Old songs can bring people to memories easily, there's a very famous show called "Same song" (同一首歌), started by CCTV on Jan.27, 2000, played all over the country and also been to USA, Korea, Japan, Canadal.... Many music stars from China mainland, HongKong, TaiWan, and other areas will play the pop songs in the perfomance. Most audiences became very excited when they heard the old songs, some of them are 70s ladies and gentlemen, emigrant many years ago.
Friends or family can sing the song together, so the song is easy to be with the old time; while listen to Classical music, people are usually silent, so that's not easy to keep in touch with old friends or time, it's not historically.


Play Ping pong

In my childhood, we often play pingpong after school and dinner, and in the weekend. It can be set very easily, desk table or dinner table can be used as the pingpong table, some books or small things can be used as the boundary, and sometimes, if there's no partner available, we can play by ourseleves, ping it to the wall:)

I found a 3D ping pong game from the recommendation of widgets group in blogcatalog
I think it's better to put here than in the side bar. so far my best score is 8:11, the competitor is CPU.


A Story of Loan

I'd like to share a story of a business man. One day the man got a business travel, he drove to the port to take the ship, near the port, he found a bank, entered it and applied for a loan of $10000, with his car mortgaged. The banker processed the application, and let his car parked in the bank storage.
Two weeks later, the man returned from his travel, and went to the bank to retrieve his car. The banker completed the deal, and can't help curiosity: "As we know, you're a millionair, why you'll need take loan of $10000 from our bank?"

The man replied with smile, "Where else only need $1000 parking fee for two weeks?"

Well, I can't remember the exact number in the above story, just remember it's really interesting. Isn't that man a smart one on financial operation?

Take a look at the Loan.
It provides Unsecured loans and Homeowner loans .

Don't be too lazy, good financial operation is kind of fun:)

Note: This post is sponsored


Games played in Chinese childhood - Blowing Soap Bubble

The set of blowing soap bubble is often sold near the gate of the garden. Walking in the sunshine, blowing bubbles, watching their beautiful dancing movement (ひらひらと舞う姿) and colors, it's a good time. And some of us may have experience playing so at mother's washing time.

Can you blow one in another? I can't. I saw little girl can do so very easily.

Told from the oil painting on canvas of Jean-baptiste-simeon Chardin (1699 - 1779), Soap bubble is also a type of game in western life.

In these scenes, although other figures can be visible in the background, the first impression is of a single figure, on which the eye concentrates even while this figure concentrates on a task. Such concentration is typical of Chardin; even when the subject is a boy idly building a card house, or blowing bubbles, there is an intentness that lifts the trivial pastime into an occupation. Unlike Greuze, Chardin never allows his people to ogle the spectator, to act the housemaid or village girl; they are absorbed, absorbed almost literally in the wonderful paint surface which seems to express integrity by the very oil medium.

There're some scientists also writing some research papers about soap bubble, very interesting, they study the wave, force through soap bubble. And, there's a book avaialbe on Amazon called "The Science of Soap Films and Soap Bubbles (Paperback)
" by Cyril Isenberg. It takes 220 pages to say about the soap bubble:

Superb presentation of the molecular and macroscopic properties of soap films and bubbles, including many demonstrations that can be readily performed with simple household materials. Emphasis on application of soap films to solution of physical problems, e.g. the motorway and minimum area problems. Over 120 black-and-white illus., 41 color photographs.
Did you think of cource the bubble has a short life? ah, we often heard "economic bubbles", not cheerful words, yes, bubbles are easy to break, but if you take special care of it, it can also live long. AEngland physical scientist who is famous for his study on liquid air kept the bubble in a special bottle, away from dusties, dryness, and the shaking of the air, then the bubble can live more than one month. Move amazing, some people can keep it for years. I just know it when do some research for this posting, can't imagine it.

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