link & Track

sometimes life was like computer, ping, can't find the destination, or long time no response, or it just lost on the way to the destination, or the destination was not reachable for whatever reason.

Then clean the virus and trojan, check the firewall setting, make sure plug in the cable, call the help center to confirm the sever is working and outgoing line not cut, if all from your side works well, maybe you can try ping at another time, or go to another place to ping, or just stop pinging, or select other way than ping.

Dear dont despair when you found you're alone, it's not true you are on an island, you just do not figure out the way of connection.


sometimes life was like computer, ping back, not reachable, ping ahead, still not reachable, seems you're not tracked, you lost in your own history and future.

Then check your computer clock, whether it's correct time synced with the sever; adjust the time value, is it in scope? or check whether this value is supported, Question yourself why you need check them, doesn't the present worth more?

Dear don't feel frustrated when you found you can't reach back or forth much.it's not true you grows up without time, or you'll die right away, you just did not get the good check point.


Share love for Public School Teachers and Students

My study was free until grade 3. My elementary school was sponsored by a factory, later the factory did not run well, so need the students pay for part of the tuition. I still remember I was asked to pay 0.5 RMB as the tuition in that semester, 0.5 RMB equaled 50 piece of popsicle at that time.

So it's very easy for my family to afford. I've a brother who is several years older than me, also in the school. In my childhood, I never feel poor or embarrassment of my family. I met a classmate who I have not seen for 15 years recently, we recalled all the happy time together, so sweet memories. I live a very easy and happy childhood life. Even in University, I only need afford 270RMB for one semester.

Later on, the goveronment began to reduce the investment to the public school, then the schools began to increase the tuition for operation and teacher's payment, though so, the teacher still could not get a satisfied incoming, the teacher's qualification was keeping down. On the other hand, I heard that nowadays to bear one child from birth to University graduation, it will need at least 200,000RMB, this is for public school and the student was enrolled with entry exam passed, if a couple send their child to the private school, they need save more money.

When I severed in a university, I heard a lot of students said that their family ran up a score. Some of them cant focus on the study, just think of how to make money to pay off even in the class time, and some of them have to discontinue their studying. It's a problem of the society.

It's good to know that blogcatalog community found an organization called DonorsChoose.org that makes it really easy to hold a Community Fundraising Event and as member of the community I'm really excited to attend the NEW BlogCatalog Community Challenge for Public School Teachers and Students (For U.S.A this time). Though all what I knew was about my country, affordable and good schools are necessary to society eveywhere and every family.

So how about to donote a little effort to contribute to our next generation, share our love and care to them. Here it goes, there it comes. It's kind of time and society balance, you save another 50 pieces of popsicle, one more family afford easy, one more child live happy, and go on, go on.


Fall in the candy world

As a new starter, I pick all the community, diretory, link exchanger I saw, and applied for several Ads, some of them failed to pass, for example, Payperpost rejected me because of the blog is not old enough, it needs the publising blog 90 days old. Text Ads also pending its approval. so now Auction and Adense are installed.

Auction disappeared after showing at the begining when I copy the code, I moved it up and down, to avoid side by side with Adense Ads, but it still can't show, is blogspot not friendly to Auction? so I went to Blog blogcatagory to ask why.

And Ms./Mr. Jaya came to take a look and said it's visible to Her/Him. Thanks Jaya.

So Auction or Blogspot hid the Auction Ads to me because I'm the blog publisher? But I'm also interested in the Ads, it can show the price of goods on Ebay, it's good to know some stuff's price that I'm also interested. Weird, so what I see is different from what other blog readers see even I'm not logged in, oh, cookie, or IP remember, this is quite unfair:) I want to read as same as a normal reader, then I can know exactly what it looks like.

There're more widgets in English blog site than in Chinese blog, so I'm a little lost at first. I even went to a deutch site to get graphic message board to install, I saw it's being lovely used in coffee2go's blog, it's so cute, so though I know non German, I finish the registering by looking up the dictory. But finally it asked me to install Java kit, and seems my system security did not allow that, it's difficult to understand the popup message, so I give up that one for temporary.

Anyway, my side bar is almost full now, what a shopping lover I am. I did not read the user/use terms carefully for all the stuff I installed in the side bar, they're too long, and I believe myself is a good cyber citizen and conformist, should be no problem or violatiom.

I'm glad to blog in English, and met a lot fancy stuff, blogs and guys.


My dear bike

I lost my 7th bike. A small orange foldable bike, which was bought about 2 years ago, I did not ride it often, and always parked it in crowdy place and carried it into the room when back home. Recently I'm a little out of attention, so leave it anyway when I have a stop. Tonight, I cant find it any more. Its picture was taken just a few days ago with the parked stove below, at the right side of the stove.

It costs about 700 RMB, but I'll not feel sad if I lost 700 RMB. It's just like an old friend, I can ride it around to buy something or just take a rest, at the same time listening to music with wind blowing my hair, can stop anytime and anywhere, no need to get off at the most time...
Best wishes to the seven bikes who eve came to my life, and so to who need them more than me.


why blog and blog in English?

ahhm, guess?

I'm a native Chinese speaker, and English is my second language.

ahha, firstly, I like internet marketing very much, it's kind of exciting things to promote products or services online. And I like statastic and analysis so much, the site traffic report is very impressive with vairous data. To Blog in English, more different data came out, I really enjoy it.
Secondly, I like different culture very much, one of my business, is to provide trade service to non-Chinese clients.Based on this consideration, it's good to blog in English about daily life, so later when I need host some non-Chinese clients, I can easily introduce local environment and make personal conversation with them besides business; By reading blog in other language, I can learn some different culture from different region and people, this is also good to my future clients communication; and from many blogs related to food and cooking, I can directly learn the western cooking style.
Thirdly, while thinking of describing things to people far away or in different languages, I'll write more over and clear, and sometimes think further; and because I'm not native English speaker, so I can focus on things rather than on literatures.
Fourthly, it's not bad if we can make money at the same time of writing.

and more, to append later...


Bakery Exhibition

There're 2 exhibition related to food are held in Shanghai this week. One is candy in Shanghai Mart, another one is Bakery in Shanghai New International Expo Centre. I met less than 20 visitors in the first one, maybe caused by the Shanghai Mart located in city center, the parking place is not big enough. So I got a big surprise while seeing a lot of people in Bakery Exhibition.

It should say it's extremely crowdy. Looks pretty hot in a hot day.

Most of the cakes,breads, chocolates,icecreams on exhibition are art works. There's feeling raised when watching the play of the cooker, life is so beautiful, it's somewhat different from watching the high technology demo. Cooking is more close to life nature and living, while high technology is kind of cool. And, as we know, it's very easy to get crash with some unexpected things in high technology demo, but the cooking player, just enjoy the show with smile on the stage.

5 areas are open for visitors:
- Bakery(cake, moon cake, biscuit and bread ,pastry )production machinery, packaging equipment, Ovens and accessories
- Refrigeration, fermenting and deep-freezing technology, baking and pastry –making machinery, stainless steel products, bakery ware, the metal checking equipment,
- Kitchen equipment, Western-style food equipment, snack equipment, taproom equipment and Coffee house equipment.
- The related bakery product, Special flour, Mix powder, Freeze paste, starch, Potato goods ,nut.
- Special oil or fat, fresh butter, cream, ghee, shortening. Special dairy product.
- The ingredients of improving flour, The ingredients of improving bread; The ingredients of convenience noodle. Protected ingredients, yeast, Flavor, Essence.
- Chocolate, Candle and Decorative and products.
- Packaging materials container
Moon cake and desert raw materials²
- The modern packing of moon cake and pastry materials, mounting, etc
- Bakery books ,institution of education &training, etc

Official site: http://www.cnbakery.com/


Parked Stove

So fun, the stove parked there. It's the parking place near the exit of the underground, many people ride the bike from home to underground, then take underground to the office.

At night, many pedlars will come out and do small businesses at the exit of the underground. One of them, is to bake the red meat. Most of the baking providers are from Xinjiang Province which means the professional place for mutton baking. They usually dress on Wei minority clothes with a white hat. A lot of smoke are raised by the stove, but the smell is delicious, so the buyers are crowdy. Each bunch of mutton costs 2 yuan. One stove can sell about 10 bunches in 5 minutes. A pedlar at the south exit said that he had been in Shanghai for more than 10 years, and have no money to buy the house yet.

There's no guest in day time, so it just parked beside the bikes.

Country side

Many friends asked why I went to there to do the business: it's far from the city center, even birds didn't want to have a stop there.
Well, running a long way after various tough challenging, the country side scene there was pretty attractive. It's the first time I saw the wheat-field. It can raise peace from the heart. And you feel it's so nice the life is, they're growing together, side by side.

Silent night

A full moon.
A twinkling star.
A silent night.

someone said missing someone is the best worst thing.
I tagged it's the best thing to kill time.


Noodle and rice

Usually people in Northern and western China like noodles, and those from south like rice.

I know a man of 50 age live Shanghai for more than 30 years, but he never ate a bowl of rice, he came from Dalian, a city located in Nothern China. And one of my friend said he felt sick when he hadn't eaten noodles for one week in a long trip.
And me, from South China, prefer rice products certainly, I could not endure living with flour meals all day long. I make cake at home, but after several times, I think I didnot enjoy it, I'd rather eaten a piece of Toufu, butter, cheese, cream, are not my favorite foods, I can eat them for holiday, but not everyday. It can be a reason that why Cafe are not very popular here.

The habit grown from childhood cannot be easily changed. Is it a strange phenomenon? Maybe it can be interpreted by scientist. Are they something related to the stomach adoption?


Old and big trees

It seems the closer to sun the more senses of protecting plants people have, maybe they need the shadow of the trees:)

All these 3 lived in Ankor wat of Cambodia. There're also a lot of old and big trees in South China, but the photos lost. As a visitor from a concrete forest like Shanghai, I really felt the freedom breath of the lives while seeing the big trees.

The hole of the first tree can hold at least 3 adults. Bears family can live there:). Almost 1/3 was cut, it still grows tall and strong, very respectable.

The 3rd one was one of the fast growing and short life tree. As reading the short life from the introduction, I thought it was 10 or 20 years, but not, it's 300 years, trees have long life then mankind.


sweating (汗), tearing running (泪奔)

sweating (汗), tearing running (泪奔)

these two words are now used in Chinese to expressing some embarrassing situation.

汗 (pinyin = han) means sweating, is a noun in Chinese and here is used as a ongoing vi.
泪奔 (pinyin = lei ben) means running with tears down, is a scene.

for example,
sweating (汗) can be used for following:
someone tried, but the result was still far away from his early expectation, he dont care the result or cant change, just enjoying the processing, and dont want others put sympathy on him; find himself was low estimating sth or someone, which was far better;

there's meaning in it that he wants to take a break.

tearing running (泪奔) can be used for following:
someone was shopping too much, the budget lost of control; or she cant offer an expensive clothes; she tried but failed, and she care the result.

there's meaning in it that she want to run away from this situation or run faster to catch up.

In most cases, these words are neither serious or blue ones, just used for magnification and sometimes a sense of humor.


test picture

why always script error?

A wedding watched

a wedding seen on the travelling road. moved by the gifts what the guest brought, most of them are vegetables, fruits. and the processing of the wedding is pretty interesting. can feel nice and good wishes.

I understand the script error was caused by the the security setting, if it enable cookie, it wld be ok, so republish it again. The dimond album (See the album provider) is pretty, just want to share it here.

It seems the album slow the loading speed, so remove it. 5/19

Teddy Bear Pics

I love Bears, not only because my mother's family name was bear, but it's sooo lovely and freindly. I once want to open a small store for bears, and still have this dream now, maybe sometimes later...I can.

I collected some books, sites, manufactories, and pics about bears. Following are one of them. In the pics are Bears from Korean Teddy Bear meseum. The Bears are playing some roles in Korean life. wooo, I want to visit Korean only because of this musuem.

Many Chinese are enjoying Korean TVs, nowadays even waitress in the restaurant are dressing in Korean style. It would be great if someone can mockup this to create a Bear mesuem in China too.

Visit the official site of this meseum:http://www.teddybearmuseum.co.kr/newteddy/