All the mother are repectable

this week a piece of news caused hot discussion around, a man refused to agree the Caesarean birth surgery to his sick pregnant (身持ち,임신한, 怀孕的) wife though the doctors perfuit him for 3 hours. finally the woman died with the baby, he agreed when he saw the death, but too late. The possible reason why he did not approve it:
1. can't have more babies.
2. thought she only caught cold, can be cured by medicine,
3. don't have the money ( though the hospital offer free and some patients around even offer 10,000 if he agree, he can't believe)

later the jounlisty researched that they're not legally married. he knew the contact of her relatives -- which can be used for surgery approval -- but he did not provide it to the hospital. I personally doubt this law is unfair to the patients without conscious, maybe this is set to avoid rebuse of the surgery at the begining.

for whatever, it's a tragedy. All the mother are repectable, they take the risk of death when they accept pregnancy.