googlemap is awfully amazing

I devoted the whole day today to the html, javascript, xml, google map api, wordpress plugins, to figure out the way to embed the stuctured data in blog, though played chess in idle time.

since some plugin demo pages said "script busy " while they're open, finally I use the iframe.php independent from wordpress files. so other sites can also use.

and I saw the very clear picture of a place I'm looking for.

I'm wondering whether someday I can check whether we can visit people by googleearth, if it also provide time dimension, called google time. terrible.

there's a Chinese say called "头顶三尺有神明", now it would be nice that be reminded "far, far away, there's google satellites"

Recalled many years ago Motorla (or other companies) failed to run its Iridium satellites, google is admirable.