Go payperpost, get paid of things you loved

Anne have make more than $2,000 as the top blogger this month of payperpost, it's almost the salary of normal hard working employees of high tech companies here.

When I started blogging in English, I saw a lot of colorful, lovely, charming stuff on the side bar from other bloggers, I picked up many of them, including best stuff, mybloglog, blogcatalog, Payperpost.

Payperpost is a site to let you get paid by posting. First you'll need an English blog site, then you'll need have this site running 3 months. So after I submited it, payperpost replied, that I'm not authorized to write post for payperpost yet, less than 1 month, but can start from PPP DIRECT, which is a way for bloggers to monetize their blog outside of the PaPerPost Marketplace. By installing the PPP Direct Code and placing the PPP Direct Badge on the site, a blogger is able to negotiate directly with advertisers on price and scope.

Back to my blogging experience, after several week's blogging, I found my English blog was a bit run-down. I ever started a series about my favourite band to keep blogging, also went to the discussion forum to find topics to blog. (Regarding why I blog in English and want to keep blogging, please refer to my previous postings.)

So when I almost forgot payperpost, finally I went to it again, browsing the opportunity list, I find a good topic about garage and submit a posting for it.

Very quickly it was accepted. In the later postings I was rejected several times, the correct link not included, words count is not enough, etc. All is very simply and easy. here are my sponsored postings so far (I tagged all of them with 'sponsored').

Interesting, to write the sponsored posting for blog reviews, I started from a reviewer's viewpoint to look at the stuff I'll write, and pay attention to the data provided,and payperpost will review your posting, keep the quality of that. I felt like I'm writing paper according to teacher's topic. This is the difference and the advantage of the sponsored posting. I learnt new things every day online. It has a firefox plugin, after you install it, it will have an option in firefox tool menu "I want to blog about this", by clicking this, payperpost know more about your preferrence. Not like other AD system, you can always select what you want to publish on your blog. it can pay to paypal, when you browse the perfumes on ebay, maybe you can go to payperpost to find whether there's some topic about it, post it, get paid, then go to ebay, get it by paypal.

Payperpost only run less than 2 years, but it has phenomenal growth and continued success in running its user community and AD system. It's connecting Bloggers and Advertisers to deliver compelling online social marketing campaigns, provides social marketing tools and strategies that empower the bloggers to value and exchange content, creativity and influence.

It's the world's largest consumer generated advertising network. I got a message at the begining of this month from payperpost that "Going forward our company will be known as IZEA, with PayPerPost as its flagship product and other properties including Blogger's Choice Awards, RockStartup, Zookoda and BlogInSpace under the IZEA corporate umbrella. "

There is two ways to make money using this system:

1. Create an account with PayPerPost – now advertisers in their system can find you and send money your way. The more readers the more money you make.

2. Post a small Icon on your website. Now advertisers passing by your blog can join Payperpost and send money your way.

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