Games played in Chinese childhood - Blowing Soap Bubble

The set of blowing soap bubble is often sold near the gate of the garden. Walking in the sunshine, blowing bubbles, watching their beautiful dancing movement (ひらひらと舞う姿) and colors, it's a good time. And some of us may have experience playing so at mother's washing time.

Can you blow one in another? I can't. I saw little girl can do so very easily.

Told from the oil painting on canvas of Jean-baptiste-simeon Chardin (1699 - 1779), Soap bubble is also a type of game in western life.

In these scenes, although other figures can be visible in the background, the first impression is of a single figure, on which the eye concentrates even while this figure concentrates on a task. Such concentration is typical of Chardin; even when the subject is a boy idly building a card house, or blowing bubbles, there is an intentness that lifts the trivial pastime into an occupation. Unlike Greuze, Chardin never allows his people to ogle the spectator, to act the housemaid or village girl; they are absorbed, absorbed almost literally in the wonderful paint surface which seems to express integrity by the very oil medium.

There're some scientists also writing some research papers about soap bubble, very interesting, they study the wave, force through soap bubble. And, there's a book avaialbe on Amazon called "The Science of Soap Films and Soap Bubbles (Paperback)
" by Cyril Isenberg. It takes 220 pages to say about the soap bubble:

Superb presentation of the molecular and macroscopic properties of soap films and bubbles, including many demonstrations that can be readily performed with simple household materials. Emphasis on application of soap films to solution of physical problems, e.g. the motorway and minimum area problems. Over 120 black-and-white illus., 41 color photographs.
Did you think of cource the bubble has a short life? ah, we often heard "economic bubbles", not cheerful words, yes, bubbles are easy to break, but if you take special care of it, it can also live long. AEngland physical scientist who is famous for his study on liquid air kept the bubble in a special bottle, away from dusties, dryness, and the shaking of the air, then the bubble can live more than one month. Move amazing, some people can keep it for years. I just know it when do some research for this posting, can't imagine it.

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