Hotels,Flights,Cars reservation

Working hard all along the year, now it's near the end of the year, to take a vacation and travel around is a good idea to have a relax.

One of my friends are very good at planning, even more proffessional than business travel company, so when she organized a group travel, everything was very simple and easy, all I need do is to bring my passport and money she budgeted.

Last time a friend in New york invited me to have a travel there, I got headache on the visa preparing and fight/hotel/car booking, they said, if you don't have a car, you can't travel freely, then a lot of things need me care: look up the infomation and made the decision, finally I did not go.

So now when I see this AD

I'd like to review the Hotel Reservations to get know what convenience it can bring me.

It's available now in following 15 countries,
United States
Great Britain

This site can be read in English and Espanol, some other sites can read in Chinese., but it's OK for me.

Travellers can Reserve Online, or Call their Hotel Experts via
1.800.447.4136 (USA & Canada)
00.800.1276.3549 (Europe)
(1) 817.333.5105 (Worldwide)

Let's read a short story first, when taking the shuttle bus of the airport, the driver will ask you which airline would you take, so he can put you off at the cooresponding onboard gate, here is a small mistake one may make:

"Which airline?" -driver
"American Online" -you (you want to say "American Airline" in fact)
"Ok. No problem, I'll find you a pay phone so you can travel through the internet." - driver

The online reservation system will not play kidding to you, it can smartly recoganize what you want, provide smiliar options, destination places for your to select, for example, when you type New York, it will say, there're two places match the meaning of New york, could you select?

It provides reservations for 5 kinds of things:Hotels,Flights,Cars,Vacation Rentals,Vacation Packages. Here a vacation rental is defined as any suite-type lodging that has self-catering facilities (wet bar, refrigerator, microwave, etc.). It's good for personal travel. I always glad to buy some fresh seafood in the market and cook by myself:)

I compared the services and prices. Comparing the hotel price of New York to a list from other hotel reservation provider, there's no obvious advantages, the lowest hotel price are very close, since I don't have preferred hotel, so can't compare the exact hotel and room. The most Advantage is that it provides Vacation Packages, like one stop service, you can reserve Hotels,Flights,Cars as a package. When you choose cities, dates, it will provide more than 20 options. following are two examples.

It's really convenient for people like me. Maybe the package price are more valuable, I did not find other site can provide this, so can't compare. Hope this is also useful for you.

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