A Story of Loan

I'd like to share a story of a business man. One day the man got a business travel, he drove to the port to take the ship, near the port, he found a bank, entered it and applied for a loan of $10000, with his car mortgaged. The banker processed the application, and let his car parked in the bank storage.
Two weeks later, the man returned from his travel, and went to the bank to retrieve his car. The banker completed the deal, and can't help curiosity: "As we know, you're a millionair, why you'll need take loan of $10000 from our bank?"

The man replied with smile, "Where else only need $1000 parking fee for two weeks?"

Well, I can't remember the exact number in the above story, just remember it's really interesting. Isn't that man a smart one on financial operation?

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Don't be too lazy, good financial operation is kind of fun:)

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