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stop abusing the air condition

The badges are created by NINE. I did not find a propriate badge for this posting, so just pick this.

As a posting response to proposal of Blogging Against Abuse, I select the topic about air condition. In some place it's running all the time and at every corner when not necessary.

In many company, the air conditions are running busy. It's said that the companies want to create the condition that employees can always dress on one shirt inside in every season. Some public places, like shopping mall, air port, also provide air condition all along the year.

But many times, the air condition makes it so cold, that people inside have to dress on more than what they need outside. It's very easy to make people catch the cold, or get the arthronosos.

Do we have some strong reason to waste the electricity in such cases?

Season's difference is the bliss we got. Some machine may need give out the heat or keep the constant temperature, but for people, it's OK to be more close to the seacon's change.

If there're both machine and people to take care, the air condition needs to be set to service them seperately, so they can be easy to control; and the air condition is only set to service the people, it needs to be able to adjust according to crowd intelligently, no matter automatically or manually, and sometimes we can stop it and open the windows.

In all, to keep a healty life and working environment, to save the electricity and resource, Let's stop abusing the air condition.


Similar thinking

Last year when I happened searched a mail addr with my full name online, I found a line with a code beside your mail addr from the search result.

I ever used that code many years ago as nick name.

It's big coincidence.

I wrote a mail to that mail addr to ask who she is like.

She is a sensitive girl, ever lived in a city I lived. The Chinese PinYin of our name is exactly the same, character different though.

The reason why we choose the same code maybe because it's prounciated like our family name, it's not a popular one. I should ask her of this.

The girl recently replied again, and I just recall why I sent a mail to here, interesting.

The code is "xenon", looks similar to xeon.


What is abused

Blogcatalog is running a project of Blogging For a Great Cause, everyone who joined post a blog of Stop Abuse on Sep.27.

What did I abuse these years? what did the people around abuse these years? It's a good question.

The badge look great, so I put two of them here:)

Bloggers Unite

Bloggers Unite


What do you call it?

hah, it comes to the market today. 5 RMB yuan per KG, though very small yet.

I like eating it without cooking, a little bitter, but can feel the fresh scent of the lake. My mom said that when I was a very little one, I ever went with grandpa to lake on the small boat to pick up them. I did not remember it, but should be very happy hah.

Besides good taste, it can help one lose weight, and anti cancer.

I don't find the english name of it in the dictionary. It belongs to Trapaceae.