New school year

The new school year starts tomorrow.

My sister's daughter go to the university, and my nephew starts his middle school life. They're very anticipating this day.

My nephew even said, oh, I like the school more, because there're many classmates can play together.

The policy that only one child allowed for one coulple makes children's childhood lonely.


Me behind this blog

BlackySky is running a blog promotion project at his blog, it's interesting.

I did fill the survey as following, but I think it's better to copy here, as a self interview.

What is your name?
Thereyoucome, not my real name in the passport of course

Where are you come from?

What is your blog address?

Why you choose this address?
well, I think I ever take part in the discussion about why I choose the name of thereyoucome, because it's difficult to get the name availabe, as for why in the blogspot, it's a place that much like your own place, free of AD.

What is your knowledge about computer, programming and internet? (Beginner/intermediate/advance/professional)
uh, it's difficult to say, my self estimation is professional:) but learning is endless.

When did you start blogging?
This blog is started three months ago

Why did you decide to start blogging?
Ah, for this one, I want to do English writing and conversation frequently, they're important for my business.
On the other hand, I like writing, and it can take some of my idle time, can make me feel my life is not ruined. LOL.

What is your blog subject?
Everything I think can be blogged around me, or about me. Feeling, thinking, reading, talking, travelling, shopping, watching.

What do you think you bring to internet?
Oh, it's a great question. I'm not a great contributor...

What is your favourite blog and why?
Many. Cartoon, humor, life, fashion, economic, travel blogs, well, I don't like novel blogs, I like short posts and photos.

What do you think of internet in general?
It's great, people are connected so closely from far away. It's ridiculous, people would rather meet by text on the screen for years though they're just several kilometers away.

What is the post you are proud of?
Proud? I don't think this kind of feeling can be used in my blog experience. hah, if changing this word to "like", I like most of them.

Do you use Wordpress or Blogger or something else?
Blogger is what I'm using.

PC Mac or linux?
? While referring to PC, are your talking about Windows?

What are your hobbies?
many, hike, read, play cheese..

Where do you want to travel if I give you a ticket?
hah, another great question! Mars.

Do you care about environmental question? If yes what are your simple action to help that if not why?
Yes, much. use recycle stuff, dont waste water/paper/battery/electric, and so on

What word describes you the most?
It's difficult to find one word. kind-hearted, henrited from my parents.

What animal you would like to be?
I like deer and bear. But I don't like to be an animal.

What words or quotes you said every time?
The essential business of life is to enjoy it.
Never say never.
A friend is a present you give yourself.

Final words!! (Say whatever you want in one sentence)
It's a long survey:) Life is short, enjoy.

What's your favorite game in your childhood?

My newphew and his friends are talking about the computer games, electric pets, I know little of them. In my childhood, we have no computer, TV, or other electrical devices, so we play games with friends face to face, all the material are gotten from nature, real, not virtually.

One of the game is getting the popsicle sticks. We collect the sticks (wood or bamboo, thin, like small chopsticks) after eaten, at least 20 pieces and two players. When play, We scatter them on the table, the sticks are piled up, then the players use a tool stick to pick up the sticks from them, if any stick shake in the pile, turn the round to next player, finally the player won if he got the most of the sticks.

What's your favorite game in your childhood?


Small tip to browse Pictures

Open a page with pictures , then put following line (ONE line) in the adress place. See what happend:) Hah, all pictures come together. This is useful when we're browsing pictures buried in the desriptions or comments. And It's easy for you to save as well. Appplicable to both Firefox and IE.

javascript:Ai7Mg6P=''; for%20(i7M1bQz=0;i7M1bQz<document.images.length;i7M1bQz++)
{Ai7Mg6P+='<img%20src='+document.images[i7M1bQz].src+'><br>'}; if(Ai7Mg6P!=''){document.write('<center>'+Ai7Mg6P+'</center>'); void(document.close())}else{alert('No%20images!')}



Alex site stats

Site Stats

* Traffic Rank for thereyoucome.blogspot.com: 4,781,987
* Speed: Average 57% of sites are slow, Av7g3 Load Time: 1.9 Seconds
* Other sites that link to this site: 80,298
* Online Since: 22-Jun-1999

Today when reading a B2B site change research report, I go to http://www.alexa.com/ to and check this blog, gladly find it return some result.

Seems my side bar matters the loading time much, need to be more friendly. Nice information.


Fighting like Jedi in Star War

Just for fun, Intel and AMD, two leader companies in the semiconductor industry are fighting for the CPU market like Jedi in the Star War.

It's said that Moore’s Rule is no longer applicable to the semiconductor. Some said the demand of the market in the near future is super intelligent mobile phone, at least PC's demanding is lower and lower. PC and Communication Semiconductor industry's instructure are changing fast, some companies are consolidated to be more powerful and flexible, some companies sold out the traditional business part for survival.

Enjoy the fighting. May the force be with you.


Life is short, enjoy

Recently there's two cases of suicide from a famous company in China.

Nowadays white collars are bearing high work pressures, they live a simple and hard work life, OT is usual thing, most of their time are occupied by work, especially those engineers work on real time or criticle stuffs, a small mistake can cause a big bad result, they always stay in high alert status, which is easy to drive one crazy.

If you're feeling so for a very long time, I suggest you to take a break, or change the job, have time to treat yourself well. And, take care of your family members who are working in such status.

Life is short, enjoy.


Weather impact the Humor sense?

Yes, GEORGE R.R. MARTIN said it in A GAME OF THRONES through Ned's mouth.

"They say it grows so cold up here that a man's laughter freezes in his throat and chokes him to death," Ned said evenly. "Perhaps that is why Starks have so little humor."

It's a book I started reading months ago, but only finish tenth of it, too thick.

On the preface it said "this is for Merlinda". I wish I could have one for my family one day.


Learning is endless

Reviewing my introduction of the products one month ago, I felt I'm making no sense.

In chinese there's a term about communication failure, chick talking with duck.

Another saying is about industry difference, Being in different industries like being insulated by mountains.

Learning is endless, enjoy.


how to make it

color of A is the same of B.

If I know how to make it, I would be a great magic.


Discussion about language

I met a lady from Vietnam, she can speak 4 languages, and read 2 other. admiring. Besides Chinese and English, I can read a very little Japanese.

The Chinese ~100 year old professor Ji listed 10 books he recommended, one of them is: Tocharische Grammatik. It's written by 3 German experts. They study this language from the scatter pieces of Medium Asian archaeological stuff about 20 years to read it through. like password translation. I guess less than 100 people understand this language:) To some, language is fun, to some, not.

Half month ago I started a discussion about languages, so here is some info from the discussion.

There's some relation between how many languages one own and where they live or what they like (travel, history, writing), finally, the language interests or capability can impact the career path. In India, around 40% will know at least 2 languages. (one their mother tongue and another the state they live in) and the third language would be English if they are educated in English, many IT global company like India engineer for the smooth communication. People in Malay can speak many languages,even in China, if a person can speak 5 Chinese dialect, he can be pround of that.

Computer language is mentioned, html is a worldwide language, can't imagine if the world don't have it now, how it will be. It makes the world small and close.

Babytalk is also mentioned, I remembered once my little nephew told me where was he been, it's a building name, but sounds very different from either the Madrin (Popular Chinese), or my hometown dialect. I cant udnerstand. later his mother interpret his language to me, I found he picked up some easy-to-pronouce letters to speak.

I haven't heard Some languages before, like ASL, xhosa, very interesting, opps, ASL is referring to another computer language?

Many language has it's own characters, Arabic may cause headache in global stuff. For an AD, in other languages, we only need change the text, but in Arabic, we need change the figure's order as well.

From the childhood, I heard french is the most beautiful language in the world, in the discussion thread, I found it also depends on the personal preferrence.

for the discussion , please go to BC

Following are all the discussion participators, and some of their words are referred here.


I live on the east coast of the United States, so Chinese is probably not in the cards.

Right now I speak, read, and write English and German, and I can read French with the help of a dictionary. In the United States this would seem pretty good, but by global standards its not, as your own impressive example shows.

I'd like to improve my French for Europe and sometime learn Spanish so that I can travel in this hemisphere.

I speak an read spanish, and I'm trying with english. Some of portuguese and french, but 30%. :P

I know Malayalam (my mother tongue spoken in Kerala), Tamil (I live in Tamil Nadu), English (I did my schoolings in English), Can understand Hindi (National language); Can understand Telugu( Language -Andra Pradesh)

In India, around 40% will know at least 2 languages. (one their mother tongue and another the state they live in) and the third language would be English if they are educated in English.

i live in mauritius. here we are taught to speak, read and write english, french and hindi at school. plus our mother tongue is creole.

so I can speak, read and write english, french, hindi and creole.

4 languages ;)

I used to be pretty good at French... had about six years of it in school, though read it more confidently than I spoke it.

Regrettably over the years, my command of the language has really deteriorated with lack of use. So while I can still understand much simple French, it's not what it was. And I'm left with a smattering of random words, too-- like those for "fish," "sheep," and entirely too much of the text of Le Petit Prince! :-)

Only German and English. Hmm, and because it's related to German I can read Dutch a little bit *g*. Tried to learn French in school, but after two years French and me had an agreement: I try not to speak it, and in exchange I don't have to learn it.

I was fairly fluent in Spanish until I got married at 24, even with the southwest U.S. Mexican slang (I learned the grammar aspects while in high school), because I had a lot of friends during my younger school years who spoke both English and Spanish.

After marriage, I started learning my wife's language of Tagalog (Pilipino). Much of the language incorporates Spanish, but pronounced differently. Needless to say, I have to think before I can speak the Spanish correctly around Spanish speakers.

Portuguese and English... i totally understand Spanish and Italian and (French)..... French is def not my thing!!

English is my native language.

I lived in Greece for a long time, so I learned to speak, read and write Modern Greek. It's my best language, after English.

I used to know quite a bit of French (also lived in Paris for a bit), but I have not had occasion to practice speaking it in a long time. I can still read, though.

I read and speak Dutch, English and German. I learned French but never liked the language. And because it's related to Dutch I can understand South-African.

I grew up in a place and time where the closest spot where English wasn't the only language in use was hundreds of miles away, and on the other side of a national border.

American English is the only language I'm fluent in. I used to speak and read a little Spanish, but have gotten drastically out of practice over the last three decades.

I can make out a few bits and pieces of most of the Germanic languages, because of English has retained so much of its character despite the 1066 incident, and because they incorporate bits of Latin, which I started learning in high school.

Don't let that fool you, though: I'm pretty useless outside the family of English languages.

In my youth, a family acquaintance who came to the States as an adult had the habit of starting a sentence in, say, English, switching to Norwegian when he hit a word that he felt was better in that language, and staying in Norwegian until a word worked better in English, when he'd switch back.

He was a little unusual. Many Norwegians dropped their language rapidly and stubbornly (of course), in an effort to acculturate. The big concern was that de kits vud be able to speak goot English.

I speak Dutch and also understand drug slang, which is a language in and of itself; I blogged about it. Let me clarify, I'm not a drug dealer, just a crime analyst. ;)

A little French
A little Italian
A very small amount of xhosa (South African language)

I speak three languages (two fluently). I like French the best though. It's such a beautiful language.

Un, deux, trois! One fluent, several others in bits and pieces-enough to ask for the potty! lol

Italian (my first language), English and Spanish (I study them at the university). I also read French and - if spoken very slow :P - I can understand it.

eyez speked pritty gud inglished! an rite evan gudr! HA HA

English, German, Spanish, and Italian. I would love to learn Chinese (mandarin dialect).

Learning languages was my worst subjebts in school, in Sweden.
But I must have learned something, because apart from swedish, i write and speak some bad english, understand spanish, a tiny french and german. My teacher in german said that teaching me in german was like pouring water on a goose.

But she said it in german so I didn´t understand what she meant.

I am from Sri Lanka and my mother toung is Sinhala and we were taught English as our second language. I can understand and speak hindi. Not very fluent.

So I can speak three languages and read and write two languages.
English, French from my school days, and Russian - decent vocabulary, terrible grammar but enough to communicate (I learnt it for/during a 6 month trip to ex-Soviet Central Asia).

some change of the side bar

To make my blog more favorable, some change of the side bar today
Reduce the size of the AD
both auction AD and google adsense has been cutted down to one block.

Remove 3 sections:


---I can't play it well.

The Best Stuff in the world

-- seems update is slow

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automobile, automobile accessories, auto parts, Culture, music,
-- at the bottom, not convenient to read


Look for you hundreds of times

An old friend got connected with me today. She said she thought my parent's house was removed, actually they're just surrounded by the new buildings. Yes my hometown changes so fast.

Since our last connection I switched several jobs and lost several sim cards, at that time she was just married, I've no one to marry, now she has a son, I remain single.

Parents are the permanent connection between friends from childhood.

AD for my Chinese blog

Declare it here as an AD, originally I want to make a side by side version for my blog. But I really don't like repeatation, so later only the comic piture are twins like, others in Chinese blog are diffierent from this Chinese version. So if you understand English, welcome go to see see.

Sudden Huge Profits

While there's sudden huge profits, there's copy. This is the stregth of the market.

Some of the result are as following,
1. the overall product privce down
the original company should look at this when setup the price strategy before such conflicts.

2. the overall industry creativity down, and finally most of them broken up
The copying company has a short eye.
The one survived must be creative, and treasure its own brand.

Open attitude to the new things

Not all new things are welcome by the public, some of them even sound illegal.

When there's many cases of such illegal things, we need think if there's something wrong with the existings.

While talking about OEM mobile phone, an editor in EET China stated this point and brought some examples, one is that in Chongqing, some couple did fake divorce and re-married for the house, because the solution of the removal is not reasonable; another is the famer in Chongqing take the land contract personally which originally is illegal, but later it became legal.

His point and attitude is apperciatable.

Crying rose

A song played by Janiffer Lopez in the movie Selena. I like the scene very much when she was singing, the fans are smoothed, all under her control.

Presentation skill is very important as a public person, or a manager. If a manager looks lost when he is presiding a meeting, how can the team be convinced that the problem is sovable, or the project has a prosperous future?

Calm is helpful before the difficulties


The Power of the AD.

Today when I'm buying a kind of seafood, a lady came to ask whether this is being advertised on TV yesterday, and asked me what's the taste of it.

This kind of seafood has been in this market since I came here 4 years ago. And that lady speaks local language and looks like a frequenter of this market. It's the first time she buy it.

This is the power of the AD.


Friend online or offline

One of my close friend asked if I have blog. I said yes but I dont let her know the URL.

I'm not comfortable to cummunicate with friends from "real world" by BBS or BLOG, I preffer point to point communication, face to face, or by phone, letter, mail. It makes me feel very weird to show the communication between friends in public place. I saw nowadays couples often go online to resolve their problem, the woman said blah blah, the man then went after, said oh, here is your real hearty words, moved, and want the woman forgive him. I really can't bear such communication. It's kind of show, ridiculous.

And I also would not like to go too close with friends from "virtual world", I ever have the chance to meet or talk with my adired writer from online, but I decided to look from a certain distance.

My points to this may ever make me miss something, which is really a pity.


Paper work

Not a pleasing title? Hah, yes, I know. Sometime the QA people in the company are being hated, many market, project, design people don't like the long list of paper work.

So, have some fun after your lunch time for another kind of paper work. This beautiful chair is made of one paper cup. Genius, who thought out this. Another kind of recycling. Many years ago I made some craft artficials from the cocacola bottle, also very beautiful.

The original interpretation below was in Chinese, if the picture did not talk itself clearly, and you want to make one, please let me know, I'd glad to show one by one.