Spain [f.] We, the cities

Yesterday when I passed by the People square, I saw an poster of "Spain [f.] We, the cities", it said "One hundred women present Spanish cities and contemporary architechture." so I enterred the exhibition hall and had a tour.

Unexpectedly, there's no architechture showing around, all can I see is ladies standing and talking, seems the background is cut off, and language is in Spanish, Spanish is beautiful language to listen:) but I can't understand one word. So, I only spend less 2 hours there. There're several things impressed,
1. Isabel from google is also one of them, standing near the exit, and the wall before the exit, several LCD is showing google earth, all are very small.
2. not only artechture designer, processor presetning their opinion, but also people from other industry, like firewoman,judge, people who lost of eyesight, nurse, a nurse said, the way with no obstacle will reduce a lot of their workload, otherwise they have to go to the patients' home.
3. an old lady who won the 2004 architecture award said, if woman wants to get real freedom, not depends on man or marriage, she needs to be independent on economic.

I took a visit to other exhibitions as well, and took some pictures by mobile phone. Some of them I never came in before, there're a lot of great exhibitions.

following are some exhibition place in Shanghai, most of them are for trade shows.
A site Allshows.org is now collecting infomation of Trade, Cultral, Art shows in Shanghai.

Shanghai Listed Company Expo city
Shanghai International Agricultural Exhibition Cen
Shanghai East Asia Exhibition Hall
Shanghai Multimedia life square Conference & Exhibition Center
Shanghai Everbright Convention & Exhibition Center
Shanghai International Convention Center (SICEC)
Shang World Trade Center
Shanghai International Agricultural Exhibition Centre
INTEX Shanghai
Shanghai Multimedia life square Conference & Exhibition Center
Shanghai Science and Technology Museum
Shanghai Science Hall
Shanghai Art Museum
Shanghai International Agricultural Exhibition Centre
Shanghai Automobile Exhibition Centre (SAEC)
Shanghai Century Park
Shanghai Mart
Shanghai gym Palace
Shanghai New International Expo Centre
Shanghai Exhibition Center (SEC)
Shanghai Nature Museum
Le Royal Meridien Shanghai
Millennium Hongqiao Hotel(Millennium Hotel)
Pudong Shangri-La
Sofitel Hyland Shanghai
The Regent Shanghai