Games played in Chinese childhood - Playing with mud

I'm not an artist when I was very little, so all I can remember about mud game is that, kneading it, when it became soft and uneasy to broken, made it like a bowl, then threw it upside down to the ground, there's a sound it will gave out, oh my, I really can't remember what kind of sound now, too simple? Ah, sometimes it's even diffult to make out the sound.

Well, One of my friend is an artist then, she can create dolls from the mud, and painted with oil color, then move it to the oven to make it hard, then brushed with the varnish, so finally the mud became the art product. Games also has it's background.

In this picture, little guys are making tank and pistols, and emulating military scene from the movie, there're a lot of war movies in old that time. Nowadays little boys will not able to create such model then.

And I found there're several songs about mud playing, one of them is a very fresh one, released in July 2007, in Mandarin. Try to translate it here:
Song: Little (Xiao Xiao)
Singer: Joey Yung
Lyricist: Fang Wenshan
Composer: Jay Chow
Arrangement: Michael Lin

#The memory is like, a people who talking stories (讲谈を语る)
using voice full of local accent
jump over the puddle, bypass the village
waiting for the luck meeting again

You pinch a castle by mud
say you'll marry me to your home in the future
How many times I turn around, passing by your door, youth wasted

little sware, not stable yet
little tears, is keeping in eyes
Little lips, is telling department

*A person lived in my heart from then on
Little us
That year you carring the little wooden stool
To watch the show, I follow you

I'm looking for the one in the story,
you're the part could not be absent
You took a snap under the tree
I waited there softheaded

Repeat #

little touching, rain running
little awkward, love dearly
little us, don't know how to kiss yet

Repeat *

A person lived in my heart from then on
Little us
Like emulating the drama, talk love and recite the scenario
You can't pronouce correctly because of agomphosis

I'm looking for the one in the story,
You're the part could not be absent
The little friends pull the little hands
Keeping the little for ever
歌曲: 小小

转多少身 过几次门 虚掷青春#









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I'm not a fan of this Joey, and because of sound card problem, so I haven't listened this song yet, but I trust Jay chow, he would not produce ugly songs:) Here is the mv in youtube (I don't know how to put it here), mud is replaced with payper plane and sewing in it:) does the director think mud is dirty, not romantic?

Some introduction of this song.
In recent years, Joey Yung has been one of the very few Hong Kong singers to successfully break into the Mandarin market, and it's no wonder considering how hard she works. The singer just returned from dance lessons in the States, and she is already preparing for her upcoming concert with Grasshoppers. Her TVB police drama One the First Beat is also currently airing in Hong Kong. Topping everything off is her new Mandarin album Little, which comes a year after 2006's Jump Up 9492

Title track Little (Track 2) is composed by Jay Chou, with lyrics and arrangement from his regular collaborators Vincent Fang and Michael Lin. Musical sparks fly as the two Chinese pop heavyweights work together for the first time, and the song quietly enchants with its gentle folk-inspired ballad and wistfully romantic lyrics. This 10-track album also features two songs from renowned Mainland producer and composer Zhang Yadong and the Chinese theme (Track 10) for Korean drama Hwang Jin Yi.

This edition comes with a DVD containing three music videos.

There's more about this song at Joey Yung 容祖儿 - “Little” 小小