Ms. C-3PO

Ms. C-3PO is a droid in the movie Starwar, created for communications. She was very proud of her capability, she can speak and understand 600 languages.

She is talktive, fussy and worry-prone. She and another droid R2-D2 is a pair of funny babies, R2-D2 is quite engineer-like though.

I call 3PO as "She" as I thought, though from the profile in starcom, ThreePO was referred as "he":

A fussy and worry-prone protocol droid, C-3PO was cobbled together from discarded scrap and salvage by a nine-year old prodigy on the desert planet Tatooine. Young Anakin Skywalker had intended the homemade droid to help his mother, Shmi. With limited resources, the droid that Anakin built was truly remarkable. It lacked an outer shell, though, and Threepio had to live with the indignity of being "naked," with his parts and wiring showing.

When Anakin befriended Padm� Naberrie of Naboo, Threepio first met her astromech droid, the blue-and-white droid R2-D2. The two formed a fast friendship, working together to perfect Master Anakin's blazing fast Podracer for an upcoming competition. The more experienced Artoo told Threepio of the hazards of space travel, to which Threepio proclaimed that he would never set foot into one of those, as he put it, dreadful starships.


Fashion, fashion

Obviously, I select the blue and black one for the color set of this blog now:)
It's in summber, we need cool template.

Would you like learn English

I ever learnt several langauges by myself, it's interesting to read the story and learn the culture in their own language.
Many of my friends want to speak good English, I believe there's same requirement of Chinese. so this is the poll, please vote:)

Ah, I'm really youngling, did not allow voting in previous poll about breakfast. updated as below.

seems this function is complex. and slow to upload. so I remove it.


WuYinLiangPin(No Stamp) - Band

This band has two boy members, one is Guangliang, another one is PinGuan. The band name come from the memeber's name.

Both of them can compose and produce, and their style is similar, so at the end they're disbanded.

From 1995 to 1999, they contribute about 80 songs. Most of them are soft, gentle, healthy.

I dont know how to put music on the blog, can't share their voice here.


If Only Life Could Be Like a Computer!

I read it on a book, copy it here, is it how The matrix come from? hah


If you messed up your life, you could press "Ctrl, Alt, Delete" and
start all over!

To get your daily exercise, just click on "run"! If you needed a
break from life, click on suspend.

Hit "any key" to continue life when ready.

To get even with the neighbors, turn up the sound blaster.

To add/remove someone in your life, click settings and control panel.

To improve your appearance, just adjust the display settings.

If life gets too noisy, turn off the speakers.

When you loose your car keys, click on find.

"Help" with the chores is just a click away.

Auto insurance wouldn't be necessary. You would use your diskette to
recover from a crash.

And, we could click on "SEND NOW" and a Pizza would be on it's way to



I find the poll function from blogflux. It's the first time I use such function since I came online more than 10 year ago.

Difficult to make polls questio and options, a very ordinary poll I got at the sidebar, and I forget one last option: never have breakfast:)

Anyway, it's my first poll.

food, food in summer

I got a cook book today, many beautiful dishes from ordinary vegetables. Cooking is art. It's out of my imagination. I can never think to make pimiento and potato like this way. In this area, my brother is better than me. Hope I have some inherited potential capability not dugged yet:)

This Picture is borrowed from the book.

Easy to make:
1. Cut the green pimiento 1/4 off, remove the seeds; cut the chilli, ginger and green onion into small pieces; peel the potatoes, and cut it into the small nubs.
2. Use juicer to make the potatoes mashed, mix it with the ginger and green onion, sugar, starch,
3. Fill the mashed potatoes in the open pimiento,
4. Put the filled pimiento the hot oil, small fire until cooked.


Technorati claim

I often see others talking about technorati and clicking from technorati . Today I try to put some blogs into my technorati, found that I've not register there. And to claim this blog is mine, I post this link here: Technorati Profile. It's an interesting authority checking method.

Technorati is a good blog search engine. It now records about 60 million blogs.

It's said previously the top Chinese blog is a blog from USA, boing boing. Now the movie star and director Xu's blog take over it since May this year.


Mummy return

The first words I thought when I saw the mouse running in the TV news. What a terrible scene.

Now, an estimated 2 billion mice are ravaging crops in 22 counties around the Dongting lake. Residents have killed more than 2.3 million field mice -- or 90 tons of the rodents, the official Xinhua News Agency said.

As checked, this problem existed in last centry, and burst out in 2005.

Some experts said two things maybe the main causes. One is that the number of those animals like snake, wolf, eagle who can eat mice are rapidly reduced, because the residents there killed and ate them in recent years; another one is that police of filling the lake to get the earth about ten years ago.

A resident said that after the mouse were killed by the poisons, they give out the terrible smell. Whether they are live or be killed, they are the problem.

Take care of the environment.


Zong zi (sticky rice)

My grandma like making various rice food for holiday and festival. It can take whole day to prepare, make and cook them. In my childhood, I often stood beside to do some small assistent work, I often tasted the stuffing first. Cooking time is enjoyable family time.

The outside of Zongzi is the leaf of the plant called Zong, similiar to bamboo.
Inside of Zongzi is sticky rice, and can be mixed with red jujubes, adzuki beans, egg, pork.
Usually it's used as dessert, eaten wtih sugar or honey.


8 random things about me - tag


The rules are to list 8 random things about yourself and then tag 8 others. So here goes...

1. My favorite tv shows now are "There're children in the family" (家有儿女, a Chinese TV play, daily life of a family combined by a middle-aged couple re-joined after divorced from previous marriage respectively, two boys and one girl who are very lovely).

uhh, I just follow AVCR8TEUR's list, when I checked back, find it only need 8 random things. Seems I'm rushing, but actually slow down:) OK, following are other 7 random things.

2. I don't have ear holes, though everytime when I saw earrings, I want to have.

3. I loved a man for years, and still loving him, but may not able to recognize him on the road now. Hehe, I can't talk about it easily in other place.

4. I'm not good at remembering name and recognizing people.

5. One of my most favorite food is seafood, holy, every kind. They can easily make me feel happy.

6. I can't run fast, but can hike very well. I'm a good partner in the outside travelling, especially in the wide place.

7. Though born in seaside, I can't swim.

8. I taught my nephew how to play chess, but now I can't defeat him.

Here's 8 friend blogs I tagged. You're not obligated to do this if you don't want to.

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2. PaperFlowerGirl
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5. missannie
6. box1715
7. laketrees
8. BonnieWabbit

Live happy

Oh, my heaven, Looking from the blog list, it seems I'm really busy or lazy these days. I'm enjoying learning, thinking, praticing.

It's very hot in Shanghai now. The peanuts being sold are gemmating.

One good line I want to mark is that: you can live not rich, but you should live happy. Don't worry so much. In most time risks are what we can go over or ignore comparing with our happiness of our entire life. And the best way to control risk and get rid of the difficulties is to take it serious from strategy, but look down on it from tactics (战略上重视敌人,战术上藐视对手).

Another line is following: everyone can be your teacher. I met an old man recently, he smoked too much and seems not polite, which made me want to run away from him, but slowly I found he has very good business sense, experiences, and method, repect people who he think respectable, and has very active life attitude. you can't judge one from his habit, or his outlooking. I'm a little surprised when realizing I changed my view in one day.

Doesn't I always enjoy finding good side from people?

Savage Garden - band

Savage Garden have tender voice, to some extent, their style are like a Band from Taiwan, China, WUYINLIANGPIN, also two boys.

Following are some words I liked from their song, yes I know there are always something not easy in life, but you can go over.
The rhythm is of my favorite kind, slowly, peace, oh, actually I did not feel sadness in it, I even remembered its name is another one, a encouraging one. I did not know all the lyrics, so didn't realize it's a sad story.

I heard it again in the Musician TV program, and saw both of them, the perfomance are hot, not peace and silent as I felt from the cover of their album.

Another ditch in the road.
You keep moving.
Another stop sign.
You keep moving on.
And the years go by so fast.

I miss someone when reading writing them again. The years go by so fast.

Two Beds And A Coffee Machine

And she takes another step.
Slowly she opens the door.
Check that he is sleeping.
Pick up all the broken glass
and furniture on the floor.
Been up half the night screaming now.
It's time to get away.
Pack up the kids in the car.
Another bruise to try and hide.
Another alibi to write.

Another ditch in the road.
You keep moving.
Another stop sign.
You keep moving on.
And the years go by so fast.

Wonder how lever made it through.

And there are children to think of.
Baby's asleep in the backseat.
Wonder how they'll ever make it through this living nightmare.
But the mind is an amazing thing.
Full of candy dreams and neew toys and another cheap hotel.
Two beds and a coffee machine.
But there are groceries to buy.
And she knows she'll have to go home.

Another ditch in the road.
You keep moving.
Another stop sign.
You keep moving on.
And the years go by so fast.
Wonder how I ever made it through.

Another bruise to try and hide.
Another alibi to write.
Another lonely highway in the black of night.
But there's hope in the darkness.
You know you're going to make it.

Another ditch in the road.
Keep moving.
Another step sign.
You keep moving on.
And the years go by so fast.
Silent fortress built to last.
Wonder how I ever made it.