beautiful moon

Today when I came across a bridge, find the beautiful moon hanging over the road light.

It's looks very big and beautiful, more like painted than real. I kept looking ahead later, to make sure it's really moon not some poster.

It did not disapoint me. Yes, it's real moon.

Because it's early evening around 5:30 pm, so the moon is full, big, not very bright, a little yellow, elegant yellow, with some shadow on it.

2 hour later, it's hanging on the middle of the sky. smaller, brighter, less beautiful.

but still, when I came over a osmanthus whose blossoms are giving off a rich perfume, I looked at the sky again and again, felt that the night is so beautiful, it's not strange why so many poems were about moon in old times. They can see such beautiful moon everywhere. because no high buildings then.

I took some photos on it, but not very clear. pity.