Games played in Chinese childhood - rolling the iron hoop

I start a discussion thread of "what's your favorite game in your childhood", and get known a lot of game names which I haven't heard before.
I would blog about that later after I do some researches. Here I would start a posting for a series of games played in Chinese childhood.

following are the list of Chinese games so far. I will introduce one by one.

一 滚铁环
二 吹肥皂泡
三 捏黄泥巴
四 折纸飞机
五 捉虫虫
六 打群仗
七 放风筝
八 画丁老头
九 吃野果果
十 手指头游戏
十一 斗鸡
十二 麻雀 破坏 打仗
十三 学开车 抬轿子 扮书店 过家家
十四 跳绳
十五 老鹰捉小鸡
十六 粘蝉
十七 捉蛐蛐 青蛙 蝌蚪
十八 陀螺
十九 沙包
二十 跳房子
二十一 摸瞎子
二十二 踢毽儿
二十三 “豆腐干”
二十四 捕鸟
二十五 喂金鱼

So the first is 滚铁环 ( rolling the iron hoop ). The set to play is made of iron, two components, one is the hoop, and the other is the rod, there's a crook at one end of the rod.
When playing, let the rod hook the hoop, the hoop stand in front of you, then you run, it will also run, like wheels.

Garage Storage Cabinets

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Is there good solution? of course there is.

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Proof of love

Long time no English blogging here. blogspot finally passed through my IP service provider.

It's being colder here. The typhoon scared me and I almost stood wake for 2 nights. I missed my parents so much those days just like little girl.

In my childhood, typhoon often comes. In my small hometown, we have only one TV station, in typhoon season, usually July, Auguest, the TV play would be often interrupted to broadcast the latest typhoon news. Sometimes we dont need go to schoold because we might be flowed to the river or to some where far away.

As for proof of love, I just read some articles and deeply touched, love do really need response, no matter yes or not, that's the proof of the love, at least it can set the starter free.

blogger is good

last time I said something good of wordpress, later I realized that blogger and wordpress maybe compititors, as I'm using blogger well now, I can't take its goodness for granted, I'd like to say some words for it.
the only think I did not like is that it's being very slow to login in and out, seems the analyzing is taking much time, I'm not sure whether this is caused my google Adsense AD in the side bar or because blogger belongs to google.
except this , all other is good. no need to install and free blogspot, remote ftp to your own data space (a cool feature I find very late), widget easy to add...
I did not want to remove the AD though it did not bring me a cent yet but it increase the page ranking, I just found this after I remove it from my chinese one.


Wordpress, fast, easy, simple

Seems the author of the wordpress enjoy their work very much, haha. I like the last line after it's successfully installed.


WordPress has been installed. Now you can log in with the username "xxx" and password "xxx".

Note that password carefully! It is a random password that was generated just for you.

Login address

Were you expecting more steps? Sorry to disappoint. :)


Very early this morning, I read a posting by two teachers. The first one posted some comments on the book, and the second one posted some comments on the first one, and their teaching life, he or she mentioned the students around whose family can't afford their study fee.

I can feel their love from heart to the students. And it reminds mine.

I once served in a university, and there're also some students can't well afford their living. And That time, I also thought, I should be a millionair, then help them.

From then on, many years past, I sometimes do some public service, and sometimes offer small help to the disable or the poor around, sometimes feel guilty to mysefl that I did not live well, the thoughts that time almost fade away.

Today it comes vividly to me again.