Made in China

CCTV-1 JUST NOW REPORT the QA result of the milk powder by interrupting the normal session.

It's not normally that CCTV-1 report the company list at 19:00~19:00 news time.

Great, we still have the hope of our country. Hope all the company can take care of the quality from now on.

Knowing a friend passed away

At the night before Mid-autumn festival (9/13), I got known that a friend died after she was robbed by the broken-ins with knives.

Shocked. She was decorating her new store for her small business at that moment. We started getting in touch due to her business needs. She said she was looking forward to the great cooperation with me after the decoration completed. Now I would never recieve her message. Shanxi, the province she lived, there're a lot of richers who got rich by the coal mines, and also a lot of poorers who make living by the poor salary from the coal mines.

Her number was the second one in my phone which will never come in again.

The first one was a colleague's. About 4 or 5 years ago, he was at his 26,27 years old, died of liver cancer. He was a software engineer, OT through the year. He left a house that he family can't afford to pay off the loans, a sad-to-death father and a shocked-to-lose-consciousness young brother.

I'm wonderring, what's wrong with the society?


sun and moon

silent night, quiet moon
peaceful dusk, gentle sun