Doomed or "Impossible is nothing?"

Unlike Pingpang, Chinese football team did not play well in the past years, there're many disappointed stories, several times they lost at the last minute.

So, last night, when the Asian Zone teams for World Cup 2010 were revealed, many football fans were sleepless with sadness: China came to the team with Qatar,Iraq,Australia.

These three seems so strong, champion of the Asian Cup, champion of the Asian Sports, champion of the Austrian Cup, that fans thought Chinese football team comes to the "death team", is doomed to failure now.

On the other hand, just like this team setting, 1/125 possibility came true, "Impossible is nothing", maybe Chinese football team will also give us a big surprise.

Chinese will play with Iraqi at the New Years Eve, our most important festival. will something impossible happen then?

2010 World cup Asian section:
Team A: Australia, China, Iraq, Qatar
Team B: Japan, Bahrain,Oman,Thailand
Team C: South Korea, North Korea, Jordan,Turkmenistan
Team D: Saudi Arabia,Uzbekistan, Lebanon, Singapore
Team E: Iran, Kuwait,United Arab Emirates, Syria

2008.2.6 (Chinese New Year's Eve) Iraq-China

  2008.3.26 China-Australia

  2008.6.7 Qatar-China

  2008.6.14 China-Qatar

  2008.9.6 China-Iraq

  2008.9.10 Australia-China

p.s. this is my 100th posting here. Good luck, Chinese football.