This is the tagline of 101cookbook blog:

When you own over 100 cookbooks, it is time to stop buying, and start cooking.

I like this line, it points out a good suggestion, learning must go along with pratising.

In Chinese, there's an old story tells this theory similary. In BC 256, a young boy was good at the strategy analysis on paper, and could talk well, seemed better than his father who was already a famous excellent general, so the king sent him to the front line of the war, but he failed in every battle. This story is called "be an armchair strategist" (纸上谈兵)


Beyond - band 0624

Beyond is a sunshine band from Hongkong, four boy member born in 1960s.

It's a pity that one of the member huangjiaqiang who was the soul of the band passed away by a mistake in the performance in 1993. Beyond continue rocking after that.

I don't know the band well, but I love all of their songs I heard, "earth", "mother","true love","wide sea and broaden sky", ... all of the lyrics are very healthy, while a lot of songs just focus on the love between two guys, their songs sing the love and care to the enviorment, the nature, the human beings, and the world. Their songs can help one raise his head while he is down, no time for sorrow, dear, go on.



'It is unwise to be too sure of one's own wisdom. It is healthy to be reminded that the strongest might weaken and the wisest might err' - Mahatma Gandhi

I copy it from Anna's blog, I like it and think so. I repect people who leave a room to others and who just provide what he have but don't force other's decision. That's the stuff can catch my heart.

It reminds me of some words by LAOZI.

He was a thinker in ancient China, thousands of years older than Gandhi. They are both peace lover, I think.





  Chapter 43

  The softest thing in the world dashes against and overcomes the hardest;that which has no(substantial)existence enters where there is no crevice. I know hereby what advantage belongs to doing nothing(with a purpose)。

  There are few in the world who attain to the teaching without words,and the advantage arising from non-action.

Firefox and its plugin

Firefox is really good, and its plugin is good as well.

at first I don't want to download firefox, because it's combined with google toolbar, I don't like set selling. but since IE almost cant work on my system, slowness and lots of error, suddenly terminations push me to install firefox.

it works faster, and seems more smart and security.

and today, by accident I click the Gladder icon on the right bottom of the window, find some option menu, oh, then finally I can visit blogspot successfully. I have been using template preview function to browse blogspot for several weeks. Really nice.


Birth of thereyoucome

The first visited site in blogspot I remembered was Thereyougo.blogspot.com. I thought "there you go" is a wrong expression, and can't believe it's unavailable when I registered. Later I'm also curious the one who like the same words as me, so visited it timely.

Both my family name and Chinese name are not easy to pronounciate. I have my own English name, but sometimes when I try to register, I found it's already unavailable, which means there's another one has the same name as mine.

It's not easy to register an ID available, so I tried to use a sentence. After tried a lot of other words, including "Here you go" and "there you go", I typed "There you come". Thanks heaven, it's not a term can be found in the dictionary, I signed up successfully.

100,000 one years

A webmaster of a site with traffic less than 500 per day earned about 100,000 RMB yuan (RMByuan:US$~=8:1) in one year, which is net profit.

He provides service of downloading rings to mobile phone on his site. Following is his techonology, or you can say trick.

1. His business sense is great. At first he just wanted to buy a domain for his small business, and he accidently found a selling domain which is similar to a large site. Later, he bought dozens of domain names which are similiar to heavy traffic site or SP provides ring downloading services. So the visitors came to his site are usually meant to go to the similiar site and need the same serivce his site provided as well. He got the target vistor.

2. He bought the AD position in Baidu.com and google.com.

3. He bought tens of thoughsands of keywords AD position in Baidu.com. his number of keywords was even more than Ebay. So whether a user search "download ring " or "ring download", his site always came up at the begining of the search result.
BTW., he hired two part time workers who spent half month to enter the keywords in an excel file, so that the search engine can import.

He borrowed the traffic from similar domain, and created the traffic from search engine.
Today there's dicussion about fake comments in Blogcatalog, maybe his site can also be taken as fake site.

Finally, the word fake recall me a movie "FAKE" which I watched about 18 years ago, which is a romantic movie.


Big order and small order.

A sales girl of a fashion factory once told me the most difficult and complex product to export is clothes.

Today I experienced it.
To help a production promoter,I checked several fashion facotries. Most of them said the order number is not big enough, and it's hard to commit the same price as the big number. Then one of them, calling me, and interpret where is the cost hide. Color types, the size of the colored graphic, the complex degree of the style, one by one, all of them need a model designation and creation, man, machine and material hide behind of them.

That's why there's such a gap between big order and small order.

And it's easy to understand, those simply style clothes in promotion event, is made with cost consideration.

Are you someone you like 10 years ago?

It's a question just to remind one what worths, what not.

We'll go after a lot of things, love, career, money... After long running, sometimes we lost ourselves, you started, but in the end you can't remember why you started or get even worse than where you started.

No matter we get what we go after or not,it makes one nervous.

Mark the start point and check back timely, it'll keep you on the right way.



Along as the cost of raw material and the sense of environment protection increasing, Green is becoming one of the main direction of the industry development.

Some developed countries is shutting down their factories which have a lot of pollution, and move them to other countries. To some extent, it avoids pollution, but we're in the same world. It can be clearly understand while zooming in the map. Is it a final solution to move the problem world wide?

On the other hand, those developing places just ignore the enviorment problem, and focus on short term profit, and competing each other with low labor cost. As a result, resources exhausted, problems grows faster than imagined. The business can't grow any more, or met bottleneck in a short time. It can also be impressively noted while looking at the history of some products in 30 years, or even 10 years.

To care the world, is to care ourselves. Techonology is not the only key point, the sense is also a key.


Goat in Goats

It's said there's a economic theory about goat in the goats.

When a group of goats are running to one bad direction, a goat of them have two option:
1. turn back, and is overrided by others.
2. follow the group, and goes bad finally.

So it sounds the action of one goat are useless here. We need external strength on the adjustment of the group.


Chinese animation

Chinese animation 1942-1999
All voice and screen text in Chinese. But music and art are understanble world wide:)

I only watched a small part of them. Some of them are black and white. and created by Chinese ink art. Most of them are manually made. Some reader said that these movie make them recall the childhood, even the one in his last life.




Chyna - Band 0609

Today I find it's much faster to write in Chinese than in English, so I prefer blogging in another blog now.

To keep blogging here, I try to find some topics to write regulary, .

One topic gotten now is my favorite song and band. I'll talk about it every other week.

So today, Chyna comes.

Joy FM is a program of China international radio. It has a section to introduce some songs with it's lyric. The first time I heard Chyna's song was about 7 years ago, I recorded it in the tape, and listened to it many times later, this song remained in my tape while a lot of other records erased. Actually the program introduced it again one or two years ago, so this is also favorite song of the DJ.

yes, it's really a nice song. There's Chinese words "I love you" repeated several times in it, the singer's accent sound not native Chinese, so I thought it's foreign band. without knowing the song's name, so though I searched it several times, have no result.

Early this year, I asked this question in a powerful board, and got the name of this song is "Within you'll remain". Further, I got the name of the band is Chyna.

Chyna is a hongkong band, including Donald Ashley,Firman So,Pal Sinn,Peter Wong, Jim Knettle,Stephen Hogg,Richard Yuen,Sarah in different time.
Three of them, Firman So,Pal Sinn,Peter Wong combind another band later, named as "Blue Jeans".
Later, Donald Ashley re-combined the Chyna in 1992,and publish a disk "Answer" all in Chinese . All of them keep the dream of the music and got together time after time.

'Within You'll Remain' comes from Chyna first disk "There's Rock & Roll In China" in 1983, which is all in English, a well sold one. It's said one day Donald Ashley met a guy dressed a T-shirt, on the back of it, there's a line "There's no Rock & Roll In China", so he got the idea to publish this disk to against the saying.

'Within You'll Remain' plays guitar, the Chinese zither with 25 strings, Mandolin together, all the lyric was written by Donald Ashley,melody composed by Donald Ashley and Peter Wong.
There're at least two other band ever re-played this song later, one is from Japanese, another from Singapore.


Search engine's ranking

I wonder why either google cn or yahoo cn did not put the updating to latest into consideration. So as a trust to google, when I try to search English content, I always use google at first. but It's quite disappointing for the result sometimes, sounds like the AD it provide beside is better than the search result.

The Number one site "www.toysource.com/" of the searching result with "toy B2B" keywords hasn't been updated for at least 5 years. It's fortunately that I browse the events and news collumn at the beginning and realized it, otherwise it would waste my time.

yahoo cn show the same Number one in the result.

I think the content keeping updated should rank upper. Share this concern here.