Just now I wanna search if there's some criticism by google, before clicking the "g" button, I thought google might not display this kind of content, unexpectedly there is 161,000,000 result of "anti google"

did you find that firefox or google sometimes will hide a service session of google which can identify you, you thought it's closed, browsing news or login your bank account, whatever, a little while later, it came out...

"then it will know when you ate your breakfast, and what breakfast is" --saw some points like this online...

terrible, isn't it? I did not know whether it's designed to do so, and don't want to waste time to research, I'll update this when I find an answer.

if true, do we have other choice?

from searching the phone number of a service provider, price or place of the thing you wan to buy or travel, to an interpretation of a term, the news of the star you favored, all need google now, sad, local search engine can only search local content..

early today, read a piece of news that While Singapore vote in the negative to the proposal of reprieving death sentence in U.N. conference, it said "Every Singapore Citizen has the rights of living in an safe and free of crime threaten envireonment"