Classical music or pop song

Recently I move my pop song CDs to the store box and only leave the Classical music CDs on the shelf.
Some of them are all Piano, I find this can help one raise peace and easily focus on the things working on.
Old songs can bring people to memories easily, there's a very famous show called "Same song" (同一首歌), started by CCTV on Jan.27, 2000, played all over the country and also been to USA, Korea, Japan, Canadal.... Many music stars from China mainland, HongKong, TaiWan, and other areas will play the pop songs in the perfomance. Most audiences became very excited when they heard the old songs, some of them are 70s ladies and gentlemen, emigrant many years ago.
Friends or family can sing the song together, so the song is easy to be with the old time; while listen to Classical music, people are usually silent, so that's not easy to keep in touch with old friends or time, it's not historically.