Games played in Chinese childhood - fold and fly the paper plane

A paper plane, paper aeroplane, or paper airplane (Chinese:纸飞机/紙飛機;Deutsch:Papierflieger;Japanese:kamihikōki/紙飛行機) is popular worldwide, since it is one of the easiest types of origami for a novice to master.

How far or how long can you make it fly? I can only make it fly from one side of the room to another side.

The world record for a paper-plane flight is held by Ken Blackburn, a US aerospace engineer. Visit his site which share what he knows about paper airplanes, it looks very engineering, many formulas there, some curve figures also comes up to describe the Pressure distribution. Blackburn's first entry into the Guinness Book of Records was in 1983(16.89 seconds), resetting it in 1987 (17.2 sec), 1994 (18.8 sec) lost the record in 1996 and set the current record of 27.6 seconds on 10/8/98 in the Georgia Dome. Amazing. Blackburn combined his job and life, professionality and hobbie so well.

There're many sites guiding how to fold. See a list of Paper airplane video. Also There's a book available on Amazon, Norman Schmidt’s book, Best Ever Paper Airplanes. There's guide to folds in life and health guardian, with 12 different folding types. Some universites also set the paperplane folding and flying as a undergraduate program of engineering, see Building and flying the Stealth in Norwich university, with the steps very detail and easy to follow (from Norman Schmidt’s book).

Finally, I want to introduce a song "Paper plane" by my favorite star Sandy Lam. View a beautiful mv in youtube.

Paper Plane - Sandy Lam
Composer: Sandy Lam, Eric Ng
Lyricist: Xiaohan
Arrangement: Eric Ng

The prince rided on the white horse
The moon hidden
And the kitty often chased its tail
so stupid
Memories in childhood are so invaluable
Children plays
Two foots is full of sands
The laughter recall me the summer holiday in Childhood
The boy who teach me how to make the paper plane
What's going on with him
the way to make the paper plane
laying in the memories along with our growth
fly, fly, paper plane
not dificult to be happy

#Not matter how will it change in the future
we keep the thinking of
the fairtale which belongs to us#
the way to make the paper plane
happiness will never be forgotten
fly, fly, paper plane,
throw (捨てる) the trouble away, it will be released by itself.
Repeat #

纸飞机 - 林忆莲
作曲:林忆莲 黄韵仁

笑声让我想起童年暑假 那个他


I'm not good at translating Lyricist. just to help understanding it.

emm, quote a long paragraph of Who is Sandy Lam? I'm a fan of her all the time.

In the Chinese pop music scene in Asia, especially to those who used to listening to radio from mid-80s and on in Hong Kong, SANDY LAM is a name equivalent to transformation, perfection, hard working, feminine, and talent.

Her career began as a part-time DJ at Commercial Radio Hong Kong in 1982, in which she got an unique nick name 611 (6+1+1=8, in Cantonese ‘8′ means being talkative and always questioning about gossips and other topics). Sandy joined SONY in 1983 and her debut in her Chinese name Lam Yik Lin was released in 1984. She rapidly became the most popular up-and-raising star. Yik Lin, her third album released in 1987, reached double platinum and that when her music career truly kicked off.

With heavy influences from Western music, Sandy’s music style started from cheesy Japanese teen pop to Light Jazz; and from there to R&B, Soul, or even Fusion. In fact, she is considered the only Hong Kong female singer with the best ad-libs. She has 27 full studio albums in Cantonese, Mandarin, English and Japanese, and adding other EPs, live recordings, compilations and co-operations, there is more than 80 or more on the list.

Unlike many other singers in Hong Kong, audience recognizes Sandy as a true musician/performer, rather then an entertainer. You don’t find shocking make-up or extreme outfits from her; it is her pure voice which captured everyone’s heart. She rather spends her time work producing an album instead of attending meaningless shows. Her fans admire her as who she is and the willingness to improve herself vocally, and such improvement is well-known in the industry like a miracle. In recent years, she is transforming herself, not only a singer, but singer songwriter. To put it in a simple way, Sandy is serious about music, it is her life.

2005 marks the 20th Anniversary of her music career. Being able to survive this long in Hong Kong entertainment scene is not an easy task, because of the high competition and people are being so forgetful. Looking back, it shouldn’t be a surprise after all, Sandy is the very first singer to blend in Jazz & R&B elements into Chinese music; she is one of the pioneers who marches into the Japanese music scene and the first singer to have two Chinese songs entering the Japan J-Wave Tokio Hot 100 music chart.

Moreover, she was the most successful Hong Kong singer to make it big in Taiwan by her first Mandarin release selling a record of 600,000 copies; she also participated in Asia’s first 47 days sold out Chinese musical Snow Wolf Lake; she was hand picked by Andrew Lloyd Webber to perform in The Music Of Andrew Lloyd Webber with Elaine Paige in Shanghai in 2001, and she was also picked to sing the Chinese version of Les Miserables’s theme song On My Own. A new kind of flower in Singapore is named after her name called Dendrobium Sandy.

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