Rental bikes in Hangzhou

"green outing with care of the environment", These bikes are provided by the bus company in hangzhou.

It's free in 60 minutes, over 60 minutes you can pay by the bus IC card:
60~120 mins, 1 yuan;
120~180 mins, 2 yuan'
after 180 mins , every one hour will be charged of 3 yuan.
And if the borrower use the IC card to take the bus during his rental period, there's some discount additionally.

The bikes looks new and clean. Hangzhou is really a friendly city for tourists.


A Proposal at the closing ceremony

At the closing ceremony of China 2008 - Summer Olympic Games in Beijing last night, a marriage proposal happened from a Holland sportsman to his GF, also a sportswoman. Hearing of the scream, seeing they being crowded, an audience took photo of this great moment.

It's a such unforgettable memory in such a beautiful background.


Are you stretched?

Liu Xiang, Olympic 110-meter hurdles world record holder, quited the game yesterday. The audiences were shocked when he stepped out.

Since he won the gold medal in 2004, he kept running in different games, and won many other good score. At the same time, he was injured. I can't understand why running will make a people injured, maybe the barrier did.

I did not watch his performance in the games, seeing from the AD and TV program, he was a very lovely and sunny boy.

Western people often thought people from Asia are work-alcoholic. People in Asia, especially from Japan and China, have the recognition of hard working in the work place. They extend their work time by themselves. When western workmates already complained they are stretched, asian people may still stay on work without any complained.

Oh, are asian people more stronger? Not at all, they just can feel they're only human beings sometimes, why being treated like machine for a long time.

Liuxiang once said that he won’t retire after the Beijing Olympic Games, but I think it's better he stopped to another life from this point.


The bridge over the sea

These are two pictures I taken on the bridge while I was driving about 80 km/h, well I will never try that next time. As you know from the title of this posting, the bridge is over the sea, other words, some where besides the road, is the SEA. It's about 39 km, linking my hometown to Shanghai. It's a great project, also can be thought as a magic.

Not many cars on the road that time, yet the speed is strictly limited, the police will send you the fine letter if you run over 120 km/h (maybe 100km/h, I can't remember exactly). I know a guy was so high on the scene and road that he ran over 200 km/h, finally his driver license was withdrawed forever. This speed limitation is actually a care to the driver's life, firstly because this is on the sea, any accident is deathful, secondly because the wind on the sea is wide, when the car is on high speed, it's difficult to control the direction.

Some photos of my home town

It's taken last month.
This is my grandma, standing before the town government office building. She is about 90, a little hunchbacked, can't hear well, walk for long time, except these, she was very healthy. She is cute, loves me very much, and so does I.
She seldom walked far away from home now, this building is about 5 kms away from home. This outing is to watch the photo exhibition of the earthquake to the libarary beside there.

Two Ash bins in the street. They looks very clean. Usually we use the dark green cylinder bin as to collect the rubbish in the street, which looked similar to the post box and easy to get rusty. I like this style. My hometown is changing and growing.


Daisy Bell

Sharing you with my finding today.

Scrolling down to the end of the file "style.css" in wordpress source code, I find this section:

/* "Daisy, Daisy, give me your answer do. I'm half crazy all for the love of you.
It won't be a stylish marriage, I can't afford a carriage.
But you'll look sweet upon the seat of a bicycle built for two." */

Oh yah, how moving it is, I scrolled up to check who is the author of this file and found a name "Michael Heilemann". I thought "daisy" is the one Michael loved, and want to check what's the final answer of daisy is. hah, I'm always fans of this kind of stuff. So I put these words in google, then google said:
Oh, it's just a song.

A little disappointed, however, perhaps Michael is singing this song to his girl:)

You can find a bit more of this song in wikipedia, like history, composer, etc.
A lovely song.

Daisy Bell (Bicycle Built for Two)

There is a flower within my heart
Daisy, Daisy
Planted one day by a glancing dart
Planted by Daisy Bell

Whether she loves me or loves me not
Sometimes it's hard to tell
But there are those that would share the lot
Of beautiful Daisy Bell

Daisy, Daisy, give me your answer do
I'm half crazy all for the love of you
It won't be a stylish marriage
I can't afford a carriage
But you'll look sweet upon the seat
Of a bicycle built for two

We will go 'tandem' as man and wife
Daisy, Daisy
Wheeling away down the road of life
I and my Daisy Bell

When the nights dark, we can both despise
Policemen and lamps as well
There are bright lights in the dazzling eyes
Of beautiful Daisy Bell

I will stand by you in "wheel" or woe
Daisy, Daisy
You'll be the bell(e) which I'll ring you know
Sweet little Daisy Bell

You'll take the lead in each trip we take
Then if I don't do well
I will permit you to use the brake
My beautiful Daisy Bell.


A peaceful summer

passed by.

The picture of Olympic open ceremony look very beautiful. The director is Zhangyimou, a famouse Chinese movie director, who help Two actress success, Gongli and Zhangziyi.
I agree that his sense of color is strong.
Many of the program are performed by a lot of people. I thought, that's the advantage of the Chinese society, people can understake the hard dry-on. No other countries can organize people acting like machine.