Paper-cut - folks traditional art

When tourists visit China, they often bought some art crafts as gifts back. I'd like to introduce some web site about traditional art product here.

The paper-cut is one of the folks traditional decorative art which China popularizes the most. Probably because its so easy that, cost cheap, result stand and see, meet surface wide and welcome generally material; Because it suit rural produce leisure by woman, it acts as practibility can beautify life also most. They can be put up on the wall, or on the window (named as window flower).

Most of the paper are red papers, red are the greeting color in China, so originally it's created for festivals, celebrations.

They can be simple, also can be very elegant and beautiful. It describes scenes or stories from book, also describes the living pages around.

For more, please go to The paper-cut site. Scroll down, you can see some art products are being sold there.
The page language is mainly in Chinese, but there's a button at the right of it's navigation bar which can translate it into English through third party site, as always you can use google's translation site to read it in English.