Games played in Chinese childhood - rolling the iron hoop

I start a discussion thread of "what's your favorite game in your childhood", and get known a lot of game names which I haven't heard before.
I would blog about that later after I do some researches. Here I would start a posting for a series of games played in Chinese childhood.

following are the list of Chinese games so far. I will introduce one by one.

一 滚铁环
二 吹肥皂泡
三 捏黄泥巴
四 折纸飞机
五 捉虫虫
六 打群仗
七 放风筝
八 画丁老头
九 吃野果果
十 手指头游戏
十一 斗鸡
十二 麻雀 破坏 打仗
十三 学开车 抬轿子 扮书店 过家家
十四 跳绳
十五 老鹰捉小鸡
十六 粘蝉
十七 捉蛐蛐 青蛙 蝌蚪
十八 陀螺
十九 沙包
二十 跳房子
二十一 摸瞎子
二十二 踢毽儿
二十三 “豆腐干”
二十四 捕鸟
二十五 喂金鱼

So the first is 滚铁环 ( rolling the iron hoop ). The set to play is made of iron, two components, one is the hoop, and the other is the rod, there's a crook at one end of the rod.
When playing, let the rod hook the hoop, the hoop stand in front of you, then you run, it will also run, like wheels.