Pencil vs Computer

One of my friends' father is an old engineer. Last week when I asked whether they can produce a kind of stainless steel art cup, he provide the design and cost right after we describe the requirement. When I looked at the picture he provided, I can't believe it's drawed by pencil, very neat and tidiness.
I ever saw how the constucture engineer work, they draw blueprint by the 3D software on the computure, then printed it by the large printer. But it's much more amazing that man can draw a product picture like this by hand.


Tibet violence

It's sorry to learn that violence happened in Tibet yesterday, cars were burned, CCTV reported this in the XINWENLIANBO.
Recently there's a terrorism happened on the plane from Xinjiang to Beijing.
Tibet and Xinjiang are two minority provinces of China, beautiful places to travel.
Some groups want to make them independent, so they are not as safe as other provinces.

We need peace, no war are welcomed.

Take me home

Tonight is the first time I drive the car alone at night by myself.
The driver tutor ever accompanied me with the second brake, he took care of the speed, direction for me when he was sitting by my side;
My brother and father ever accompanied me without the second brake, they took care of the speed, direction, roadway, walkingman, motor, cars for me, which is tiring and worrying;
My friends ever took my seat to drive me home, until the car was at the parking place.