Noodle and rice

Usually people in Northern and western China like noodles, and those from south like rice.

I know a man of 50 age live Shanghai for more than 30 years, but he never ate a bowl of rice, he came from Dalian, a city located in Nothern China. And one of my friend said he felt sick when he hadn't eaten noodles for one week in a long trip.
And me, from South China, prefer rice products certainly, I could not endure living with flour meals all day long. I make cake at home, but after several times, I think I didnot enjoy it, I'd rather eaten a piece of Toufu, butter, cheese, cream, are not my favorite foods, I can eat them for holiday, but not everyday. It can be a reason that why Cafe are not very popular here.

The habit grown from childhood cannot be easily changed. Is it a strange phenomenon? Maybe it can be interpreted by scientist. Are they something related to the stomach adoption?