Share love for Public School Teachers and Students

My study was free until grade 3. My elementary school was sponsored by a factory, later the factory did not run well, so need the students pay for part of the tuition. I still remember I was asked to pay 0.5 RMB as the tuition in that semester, 0.5 RMB equaled 50 piece of popsicle at that time.

So it's very easy for my family to afford. I've a brother who is several years older than me, also in the school. In my childhood, I never feel poor or embarrassment of my family. I met a classmate who I have not seen for 15 years recently, we recalled all the happy time together, so sweet memories. I live a very easy and happy childhood life. Even in University, I only need afford 270RMB for one semester.

Later on, the goveronment began to reduce the investment to the public school, then the schools began to increase the tuition for operation and teacher's payment, though so, the teacher still could not get a satisfied incoming, the teacher's qualification was keeping down. On the other hand, I heard that nowadays to bear one child from birth to University graduation, it will need at least 200,000RMB, this is for public school and the student was enrolled with entry exam passed, if a couple send their child to the private school, they need save more money.

When I severed in a university, I heard a lot of students said that their family ran up a score. Some of them cant focus on the study, just think of how to make money to pay off even in the class time, and some of them have to discontinue their studying. It's a problem of the society.

It's good to know that blogcatalog community found an organization called DonorsChoose.org that makes it really easy to hold a Community Fundraising Event and as member of the community I'm really excited to attend the NEW BlogCatalog Community Challenge for Public School Teachers and Students (For U.S.A this time). Though all what I knew was about my country, affordable and good schools are necessary to society eveywhere and every family.

So how about to donote a little effort to contribute to our next generation, share our love and care to them. Here it goes, there it comes. It's kind of time and society balance, you save another 50 pieces of popsicle, one more family afford easy, one more child live happy, and go on, go on.