My dear bike

I lost my 7th bike. A small orange foldable bike, which was bought about 2 years ago, I did not ride it often, and always parked it in crowdy place and carried it into the room when back home. Recently I'm a little out of attention, so leave it anyway when I have a stop. Tonight, I cant find it any more. Its picture was taken just a few days ago with the parked stove below, at the right side of the stove.

It costs about 700 RMB, but I'll not feel sad if I lost 700 RMB. It's just like an old friend, I can ride it around to buy something or just take a rest, at the same time listening to music with wind blowing my hair, can stop anytime and anywhere, no need to get off at the most time...
Best wishes to the seven bikes who eve came to my life, and so to who need them more than me.