why blog and blog in English?

ahhm, guess?

I'm a native Chinese speaker, and English is my second language.

ahha, firstly, I like internet marketing very much, it's kind of exciting things to promote products or services online. And I like statastic and analysis so much, the site traffic report is very impressive with vairous data. To Blog in English, more different data came out, I really enjoy it.
Secondly, I like different culture very much, one of my business, is to provide trade service to non-Chinese clients.Based on this consideration, it's good to blog in English about daily life, so later when I need host some non-Chinese clients, I can easily introduce local environment and make personal conversation with them besides business; By reading blog in other language, I can learn some different culture from different region and people, this is also good to my future clients communication; and from many blogs related to food and cooking, I can directly learn the western cooking style.
Thirdly, while thinking of describing things to people far away or in different languages, I'll write more over and clear, and sometimes think further; and because I'm not native English speaker, so I can focus on things rather than on literatures.
Fourthly, it's not bad if we can make money at the same time of writing.

and more, to append later...