Bakery Exhibition

There're 2 exhibition related to food are held in Shanghai this week. One is candy in Shanghai Mart, another one is Bakery in Shanghai New International Expo Centre. I met less than 20 visitors in the first one, maybe caused by the Shanghai Mart located in city center, the parking place is not big enough. So I got a big surprise while seeing a lot of people in Bakery Exhibition.

It should say it's extremely crowdy. Looks pretty hot in a hot day.

Most of the cakes,breads, chocolates,icecreams on exhibition are art works. There's feeling raised when watching the play of the cooker, life is so beautiful, it's somewhat different from watching the high technology demo. Cooking is more close to life nature and living, while high technology is kind of cool. And, as we know, it's very easy to get crash with some unexpected things in high technology demo, but the cooking player, just enjoy the show with smile on the stage.

5 areas are open for visitors:
- Bakery(cake, moon cake, biscuit and bread ,pastry )production machinery, packaging equipment, Ovens and accessories
- Refrigeration, fermenting and deep-freezing technology, baking and pastry –making machinery, stainless steel products, bakery ware, the metal checking equipment,
- Kitchen equipment, Western-style food equipment, snack equipment, taproom equipment and Coffee house equipment.
- The related bakery product, Special flour, Mix powder, Freeze paste, starch, Potato goods ,nut.
- Special oil or fat, fresh butter, cream, ghee, shortening. Special dairy product.
- The ingredients of improving flour, The ingredients of improving bread; The ingredients of convenience noodle. Protected ingredients, yeast, Flavor, Essence.
- Chocolate, Candle and Decorative and products.
- Packaging materials container
Moon cake and desert raw materials²
- The modern packing of moon cake and pastry materials, mounting, etc
- Bakery books ,institution of education &training, etc

Official site: http://www.cnbakery.com/