sweating (汗), tearing running (泪奔)

sweating (汗), tearing running (泪奔)

these two words are now used in Chinese to expressing some embarrassing situation.

汗 (pinyin = han) means sweating, is a noun in Chinese and here is used as a ongoing vi.
泪奔 (pinyin = lei ben) means running with tears down, is a scene.

for example,
sweating (汗) can be used for following:
someone tried, but the result was still far away from his early expectation, he dont care the result or cant change, just enjoying the processing, and dont want others put sympathy on him; find himself was low estimating sth or someone, which was far better;

there's meaning in it that he wants to take a break.

tearing running (泪奔) can be used for following:
someone was shopping too much, the budget lost of control; or she cant offer an expensive clothes; she tried but failed, and she care the result.

there's meaning in it that she want to run away from this situation or run faster to catch up.

In most cases, these words are neither serious or blue ones, just used for magnification and sometimes a sense of humor.