Fall in the candy world

As a new starter, I pick all the community, diretory, link exchanger I saw, and applied for several Ads, some of them failed to pass, for example, Payperpost rejected me because of the blog is not old enough, it needs the publising blog 90 days old. Text Ads also pending its approval. so now Auction and Adense are installed.

Auction disappeared after showing at the begining when I copy the code, I moved it up and down, to avoid side by side with Adense Ads, but it still can't show, is blogspot not friendly to Auction? so I went to Blog blogcatagory to ask why.

And Ms./Mr. Jaya came to take a look and said it's visible to Her/Him. Thanks Jaya.

So Auction or Blogspot hid the Auction Ads to me because I'm the blog publisher? But I'm also interested in the Ads, it can show the price of goods on Ebay, it's good to know some stuff's price that I'm also interested. Weird, so what I see is different from what other blog readers see even I'm not logged in, oh, cookie, or IP remember, this is quite unfair:) I want to read as same as a normal reader, then I can know exactly what it looks like.

There're more widgets in English blog site than in Chinese blog, so I'm a little lost at first. I even went to a deutch site to get graphic message board to install, I saw it's being lovely used in coffee2go's blog, it's so cute, so though I know non German, I finish the registering by looking up the dictory. But finally it asked me to install Java kit, and seems my system security did not allow that, it's difficult to understand the popup message, so I give up that one for temporary.

Anyway, my side bar is almost full now, what a shopping lover I am. I did not read the user/use terms carefully for all the stuff I installed in the side bar, they're too long, and I believe myself is a good cyber citizen and conformist, should be no problem or violatiom.

I'm glad to blog in English, and met a lot fancy stuff, blogs and guys.