link & Track

sometimes life was like computer, ping, can't find the destination, or long time no response, or it just lost on the way to the destination, or the destination was not reachable for whatever reason.

Then clean the virus and trojan, check the firewall setting, make sure plug in the cable, call the help center to confirm the sever is working and outgoing line not cut, if all from your side works well, maybe you can try ping at another time, or go to another place to ping, or just stop pinging, or select other way than ping.

Dear dont despair when you found you're alone, it's not true you are on an island, you just do not figure out the way of connection.


sometimes life was like computer, ping back, not reachable, ping ahead, still not reachable, seems you're not tracked, you lost in your own history and future.

Then check your computer clock, whether it's correct time synced with the sever; adjust the time value, is it in scope? or check whether this value is supported, Question yourself why you need check them, doesn't the present worth more?

Dear don't feel frustrated when you found you can't reach back or forth much.it's not true you grows up without time, or you'll die right away, you just did not get the good check point.