Parked Stove

So fun, the stove parked there. It's the parking place near the exit of the underground, many people ride the bike from home to underground, then take underground to the office.

At night, many pedlars will come out and do small businesses at the exit of the underground. One of them, is to bake the red meat. Most of the baking providers are from Xinjiang Province which means the professional place for mutton baking. They usually dress on Wei minority clothes with a white hat. A lot of smoke are raised by the stove, but the smell is delicious, so the buyers are crowdy. Each bunch of mutton costs 2 yuan. One stove can sell about 10 bunches in 5 minutes. A pedlar at the south exit said that he had been in Shanghai for more than 10 years, and have no money to buy the house yet.

There's no guest in day time, so it just parked beside the bikes.