Games played in Chinese childhood - catch worms

emm, Catching the fireflies, put them into a bottle, usually a vitamin bottle, very beautiful in the night.

Have you ever eaten worms? I remember in my childhood, late 1970s, early 1980s, our country were still implementing planned economy, the open and revolution policy not applied yet, the supply of many goods are limited, even we have money, we can't buy them. At that time, we don't have a lot of different things to eat, or not enough to eat. So to catch the worm, like cicada, mantis, vespid, one cause is for fun, another cause is for appetite: put them on the fire, ate them.

I did not try eating any of them. I like the beautiful color of mantis' wings.

Nowadays, worms are also a kind of fashion meal in some restaurant, Cantonese like them very much. I know some Shanghai restaurant also provide some of them.

Worms have high protein and low fat.

Here I also would like to introduce a famouse Chinese traditional medicine, produced in south west China, recorded in the ancient Chinese medicine book "Ben Cao Gang Mu". It's called winter-worm-summer-plant, in the winter, it will be a worm, dig into the earth; in the summer, it will be a plant, grow up. It's good for lung and kidney. In 1980s, the best product of worm-plant costs about 400 RMB/KG, last year, it costed about 25,000 RMB /KG, now, the normal price is 50,000 RMB/KG, and the best one will need more than 100,000 RMB/KG, 250 times increased in 20 years.

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