Ms. C-3PO

Ms. C-3PO is a droid in the movie Starwar, created for communications. She was very proud of her capability, she can speak and understand 600 languages.

She is talktive, fussy and worry-prone. She and another droid R2-D2 is a pair of funny babies, R2-D2 is quite engineer-like though.

I call 3PO as "She" as I thought, though from the profile in starcom, ThreePO was referred as "he":

A fussy and worry-prone protocol droid, C-3PO was cobbled together from discarded scrap and salvage by a nine-year old prodigy on the desert planet Tatooine. Young Anakin Skywalker had intended the homemade droid to help his mother, Shmi. With limited resources, the droid that Anakin built was truly remarkable. It lacked an outer shell, though, and Threepio had to live with the indignity of being "naked," with his parts and wiring showing.

When Anakin befriended Padm� Naberrie of Naboo, Threepio first met her astromech droid, the blue-and-white droid R2-D2. The two formed a fast friendship, working together to perfect Master Anakin's blazing fast Podracer for an upcoming competition. The more experienced Artoo told Threepio of the hazards of space travel, to which Threepio proclaimed that he would never set foot into one of those, as he put it, dreadful starships.