Mummy return

The first words I thought when I saw the mouse running in the TV news. What a terrible scene.

Now, an estimated 2 billion mice are ravaging crops in 22 counties around the Dongting lake. Residents have killed more than 2.3 million field mice -- or 90 tons of the rodents, the official Xinhua News Agency said.

As checked, this problem existed in last centry, and burst out in 2005.

Some experts said two things maybe the main causes. One is that the number of those animals like snake, wolf, eagle who can eat mice are rapidly reduced, because the residents there killed and ate them in recent years; another one is that police of filling the lake to get the earth about ten years ago.

A resident said that after the mouse were killed by the poisons, they give out the terrible smell. Whether they are live or be killed, they are the problem.

Take care of the environment.