8 random things about me - tag


The rules are to list 8 random things about yourself and then tag 8 others. So here goes...

1. My favorite tv shows now are "There're children in the family" (家有儿女, a Chinese TV play, daily life of a family combined by a middle-aged couple re-joined after divorced from previous marriage respectively, two boys and one girl who are very lovely).

uhh, I just follow AVCR8TEUR's list, when I checked back, find it only need 8 random things. Seems I'm rushing, but actually slow down:) OK, following are other 7 random things.

2. I don't have ear holes, though everytime when I saw earrings, I want to have.

3. I loved a man for years, and still loving him, but may not able to recognize him on the road now. Hehe, I can't talk about it easily in other place.

4. I'm not good at remembering name and recognizing people.

5. One of my most favorite food is seafood, holy, every kind. They can easily make me feel happy.

6. I can't run fast, but can hike very well. I'm a good partner in the outside travelling, especially in the wide place.

7. Though born in seaside, I can't swim.

8. I taught my nephew how to play chess, but now I can't defeat him.

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