Live happy

Oh, my heaven, Looking from the blog list, it seems I'm really busy or lazy these days. I'm enjoying learning, thinking, praticing.

It's very hot in Shanghai now. The peanuts being sold are gemmating.

One good line I want to mark is that: you can live not rich, but you should live happy. Don't worry so much. In most time risks are what we can go over or ignore comparing with our happiness of our entire life. And the best way to control risk and get rid of the difficulties is to take it serious from strategy, but look down on it from tactics (战略上重视敌人,战术上藐视对手).

Another line is following: everyone can be your teacher. I met an old man recently, he smoked too much and seems not polite, which made me want to run away from him, but slowly I found he has very good business sense, experiences, and method, repect people who he think respectable, and has very active life attitude. you can't judge one from his habit, or his outlooking. I'm a little surprised when realizing I changed my view in one day.

Doesn't I always enjoy finding good side from people?