Chyna - Band 0609

Today I find it's much faster to write in Chinese than in English, so I prefer blogging in another blog now.

To keep blogging here, I try to find some topics to write regulary, .

One topic gotten now is my favorite song and band. I'll talk about it every other week.

So today, Chyna comes.

Joy FM is a program of China international radio. It has a section to introduce some songs with it's lyric. The first time I heard Chyna's song was about 7 years ago, I recorded it in the tape, and listened to it many times later, this song remained in my tape while a lot of other records erased. Actually the program introduced it again one or two years ago, so this is also favorite song of the DJ.

yes, it's really a nice song. There's Chinese words "I love you" repeated several times in it, the singer's accent sound not native Chinese, so I thought it's foreign band. without knowing the song's name, so though I searched it several times, have no result.

Early this year, I asked this question in a powerful board, and got the name of this song is "Within you'll remain". Further, I got the name of the band is Chyna.

Chyna is a hongkong band, including Donald Ashley,Firman So,Pal Sinn,Peter Wong, Jim Knettle,Stephen Hogg,Richard Yuen,Sarah in different time.
Three of them, Firman So,Pal Sinn,Peter Wong combind another band later, named as "Blue Jeans".
Later, Donald Ashley re-combined the Chyna in 1992,and publish a disk "Answer" all in Chinese . All of them keep the dream of the music and got together time after time.

'Within You'll Remain' comes from Chyna first disk "There's Rock & Roll In China" in 1983, which is all in English, a well sold one. It's said one day Donald Ashley met a guy dressed a T-shirt, on the back of it, there's a line "There's no Rock & Roll In China", so he got the idea to publish this disk to against the saying.

'Within You'll Remain' plays guitar, the Chinese zither with 25 strings, Mandolin together, all the lyric was written by Donald Ashley,melody composed by Donald Ashley and Peter Wong.
There're at least two other band ever re-played this song later, one is from Japanese, another from Singapore.