Along as the cost of raw material and the sense of environment protection increasing, Green is becoming one of the main direction of the industry development.

Some developed countries is shutting down their factories which have a lot of pollution, and move them to other countries. To some extent, it avoids pollution, but we're in the same world. It can be clearly understand while zooming in the map. Is it a final solution to move the problem world wide?

On the other hand, those developing places just ignore the enviorment problem, and focus on short term profit, and competing each other with low labor cost. As a result, resources exhausted, problems grows faster than imagined. The business can't grow any more, or met bottleneck in a short time. It can also be impressively noted while looking at the history of some products in 30 years, or even 10 years.

To care the world, is to care ourselves. Techonology is not the only key point, the sense is also a key.