Are you stretched?

Liu Xiang, Olympic 110-meter hurdles world record holder, quited the game yesterday. The audiences were shocked when he stepped out.

Since he won the gold medal in 2004, he kept running in different games, and won many other good score. At the same time, he was injured. I can't understand why running will make a people injured, maybe the barrier did.

I did not watch his performance in the games, seeing from the AD and TV program, he was a very lovely and sunny boy.

Western people often thought people from Asia are work-alcoholic. People in Asia, especially from Japan and China, have the recognition of hard working in the work place. They extend their work time by themselves. When western workmates already complained they are stretched, asian people may still stay on work without any complained.

Oh, are asian people more stronger? Not at all, they just can feel they're only human beings sometimes, why being treated like machine for a long time.

Liuxiang once said that he won’t retire after the Beijing Olympic Games, but I think it's better he stopped to another life from this point.