The bridge over the sea

These are two pictures I taken on the bridge while I was driving about 80 km/h, well I will never try that next time. As you know from the title of this posting, the bridge is over the sea, other words, some where besides the road, is the SEA. It's about 39 km, linking my hometown to Shanghai. It's a great project, also can be thought as a magic.

Not many cars on the road that time, yet the speed is strictly limited, the police will send you the fine letter if you run over 120 km/h (maybe 100km/h, I can't remember exactly). I know a guy was so high on the scene and road that he ran over 200 km/h, finally his driver license was withdrawed forever. This speed limitation is actually a care to the driver's life, firstly because this is on the sea, any accident is deathful, secondly because the wind on the sea is wide, when the car is on high speed, it's difficult to control the direction.