Small tip to browse Pictures

Open a page with pictures , then put following line (ONE line) in the adress place. See what happend:) Hah, all pictures come together. This is useful when we're browsing pictures buried in the desriptions or comments. And It's easy for you to save as well. Appplicable to both Firefox and IE.

javascript:Ai7Mg6P=''; for%20(i7M1bQz=0;i7M1bQz<document.images.length;i7M1bQz++)
{Ai7Mg6P+='<img%20src='+document.images[i7M1bQz].src+'><br>'}; if(Ai7Mg6P!=''){document.write('<center>'+Ai7Mg6P+'</center>'); void(document.close())}else{alert('No%20images!')}