Me behind this blog

BlackySky is running a blog promotion project at his blog, it's interesting.

I did fill the survey as following, but I think it's better to copy here, as a self interview.

What is your name?
Thereyoucome, not my real name in the passport of course

Where are you come from?

What is your blog address?

Why you choose this address?
well, I think I ever take part in the discussion about why I choose the name of thereyoucome, because it's difficult to get the name availabe, as for why in the blogspot, it's a place that much like your own place, free of AD.

What is your knowledge about computer, programming and internet? (Beginner/intermediate/advance/professional)
uh, it's difficult to say, my self estimation is professional:) but learning is endless.

When did you start blogging?
This blog is started three months ago

Why did you decide to start blogging?
Ah, for this one, I want to do English writing and conversation frequently, they're important for my business.
On the other hand, I like writing, and it can take some of my idle time, can make me feel my life is not ruined. LOL.

What is your blog subject?
Everything I think can be blogged around me, or about me. Feeling, thinking, reading, talking, travelling, shopping, watching.

What do you think you bring to internet?
Oh, it's a great question. I'm not a great contributor...

What is your favourite blog and why?
Many. Cartoon, humor, life, fashion, economic, travel blogs, well, I don't like novel blogs, I like short posts and photos.

What do you think of internet in general?
It's great, people are connected so closely from far away. It's ridiculous, people would rather meet by text on the screen for years though they're just several kilometers away.

What is the post you are proud of?
Proud? I don't think this kind of feeling can be used in my blog experience. hah, if changing this word to "like", I like most of them.

Do you use Wordpress or Blogger or something else?
Blogger is what I'm using.

PC Mac or linux?
? While referring to PC, are your talking about Windows?

What are your hobbies?
many, hike, read, play cheese..

Where do you want to travel if I give you a ticket?
hah, another great question! Mars.

Do you care about environmental question? If yes what are your simple action to help that if not why?
Yes, much. use recycle stuff, dont waste water/paper/battery/electric, and so on

What word describes you the most?
It's difficult to find one word. kind-hearted, henrited from my parents.

What animal you would like to be?
I like deer and bear. But I don't like to be an animal.

What words or quotes you said every time?
The essential business of life is to enjoy it.
Never say never.
A friend is a present you give yourself.

Final words!! (Say whatever you want in one sentence)
It's a long survey:) Life is short, enjoy.