Friend online or offline

One of my close friend asked if I have blog. I said yes but I dont let her know the URL.

I'm not comfortable to cummunicate with friends from "real world" by BBS or BLOG, I preffer point to point communication, face to face, or by phone, letter, mail. It makes me feel very weird to show the communication between friends in public place. I saw nowadays couples often go online to resolve their problem, the woman said blah blah, the man then went after, said oh, here is your real hearty words, moved, and want the woman forgive him. I really can't bear such communication. It's kind of show, ridiculous.

And I also would not like to go too close with friends from "virtual world", I ever have the chance to meet or talk with my adired writer from online, but I decided to look from a certain distance.

My points to this may ever make me miss something, which is really a pity.