Human rights I felt in my country

Yesterday I got the message that the blogcatalog site is organizing an event to blog about human rights.

I'd like to say something about my feeling of the human rights in my country in such short time.

USA and other country often interfere that China has the human rights problem need to solve. Yes our country is not perfect and some problems do exist.
But in my living and working place, the government is getting more effecient and people are more importantly treated.

And a very good example is that,

The response of the govenment to the earthquake this time is very quick and open, we can see the report and info through CCTV, newspaper, internet. The prime minister wenjiabao arrived in the earthquake place in 4 hours. The rescue team including the army, policeman, fireman, doctors and the rescue materials are collected from all directions.
I felt like that our government is very reliable, our human rights are respected and well treated.