Blessing those who are in the earthquake place

This afternoon an earthquake of 7.6 happened in SiChuan Province, China.

Some days ago, since May 8th fancy things happened in SiChuan Province, China, there're millions of toads migrated over the road.
The agriculture department said that is a good thing to indicate the environment is changing better. But Today, an huge earthquake happened, many places of the country even Bangkok near China can feel the quake.

It's said this time the heavy degree is the same as the disaster 30 years ago, Tangshan earthquake, in 1976. Fortunately, the construct of buildings are better nowadays and it happened in daytime, till now, not many injuries and deaths are reported.

See earthquake details

We have more and more abnormal disasters all over the world, though caring the environment seems far away from our daily life, but, the environment problem is affecting actually.

Take care of our earth. We have only one earth and we live on it.

And God blessing those who are in the the earthquake places.