If your house is powered off

We used to have this topic to write the article in the exam, or discuss the important of the electricity. In our childhood, sometimes we still had power cut arranged by the govenment or the electricity company, so we have prepared the oil lights or candles, or portable flashlights in the home. But in recent 20 years, power cut issues seldom happen, we take lightness for granted, power-on the home electronic appliance as of-course, drink the water from the pipes without saying. When we heard the stories or read the articles about electricity supply lacking in India, we thought it's far far away.

In this winter, many of the places including big cities and small towns, countries, realized that the power are transferred by the high-tension cables.

The design of the the cables only consider the 15 cm snow and ice coverage, but this winter, some places have the ice covered more than 50 cm, which does not happen for 50 or 100 years.

The snow and the Powered-off cause the traffic jams and productive problem, many travellers have to be detained in the station or on the way, many goods are not able to be delivered on time, the water companies also cant run.
Shocked by the photos of the ices and the heads in the Guangzhou station. People need the food to eat, need the water to drink, need some devices for getting warm. God bless them.

Almost 10 days past from the last heavy snow, the CCTV is still reporting that the repairing progress of the electricity, A piece of news reported: 2000,000 candles was sent to Hunan province for the lights by the air forces. There're more than 4 provinces like Hunan. The difficulties to solve the problems and recover the normal daily routine is much harder than expected.