It's a big surprise that Stephen Chow will make such science fiction movie. Holly molly, we have a cute one called CJ7 like R2, 3PO now, though it's only good at creating s-h-i-t.

This movie was started in August of 2006, it took 3 years to complete.
Yangtze River is the longest river in China and the third longest river in the world. It is unlikely that "Yangtze River 7" is related to the river and it might be the name of a spacecraft, inspired by China's Shenzhou spacecrafts.
It's said that CJ7 is in memory of Chow's pat who ever play supporting role in the movie , and the movie is inspired by the Chow's witness of UFO, the movie took place in Ningbo city, where Chow's father ever lived. Chow said it's his dream to make a movie with such topic.

Take a look at it in youtube:

Here is quotes from Stephen Chow, which can be the foot notes of this movie.
"I used to cry when I watched Chaplin's films. It was from him that I learned about the role of the underdog. And because I'm also from a poor family, this kind of thing moved me and I found that it also worked for the audience because most of them are like me - ordinary guys."

Stephen Chow is a respectable actor and director.

Stephen Chow (周星驰)

Mini Biography: Born Chow Sing-Chi in Hong Kong on 22nd June 1962, Stephen Chow spent his youth days with three sisters in Shanghai, China. He developed an interest in the martial arts after witnessing the talent of Bruce Lee, where he began training in the style of Wing Chun, which was one of Bruce Lee's specialties. His martial arts training served him well to a minimum and he incorporated it in many of his famous action films.

Alternate Names:
Sing-Chi Chau / Stephen Chau / Chiau Sing Chi / Chow Sing Chi / Stephen Chiau / Sing Chi Chow / Sing-Chi Chow / Stephen Chiau Shing-Chi / Chiau Sing-Chi / Chow Sing-Chi / Stephen Chow Sing-Chi / Xingchi Zhou /Steven Chow